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Printable Lesson Plan Template

A lesson plan is the teacher's arrangement of teaching content and teaching steps for topics and courses. It usually includes goals (what students need to learn), how to achieve them (delivery methods and procedures), and a method of measuring how well the goals are achieved (usually through homework or tests). Lesson plans are highly planned and require teachers to prepare before class. Not only is it a guide for teachers to conduct classroom instruction, but it also serves as a roadmap for students to know what’s coming in the following week and what projects or readings to complete.

Due to differences in topics, courses, ages, classroom conditions, etc, teachers need to make their own lesson plans to meet the needs of the course. Therefore, for teachers, a detailed and clear lesson plan may take hours or even days to complete, which greatly increases the work intensity of teachers.

Using Fotor's lesson plan maker, you can easily and quickly create lesson plans that suit your subject requirements. We have a wide range of carefully crafted lesson plan templates including preschool lesson plan templates, lesson plan templates high school, daily lesson plan templates, weekly lesson plan templates. Whatever your needs, you can always find it in our template center.

Customize the free lesson plan template of your choice to perfectly suit your style and taste with Fotor. You don’t even need any design skills. Change colors and fonts, add vectors, icons, stickers, and images, and replace text in templates. Coupling millions of free built-in graphics resources with drag-and-drop tools, then you’ve got everything you need to create a custom lesson plan to suit your needs.

Once your lesson plan is complete, you can click the "Download" button to save your design in your preferred format. At the same time, Fotor will also save your design in the cloud, which is convenient for you to edit and use next time. Additionally, you can share your lesson plans online via the link.

What should be included in Lesson Plans?

  • Lesson objectives
  • Lesson procedure
  • Teaching/learning activities
  • Analysis of teaching materials and student analysis
  • Key points and difficulties
  • Teaching assessment, such as homework or tests