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Free Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Online

The rehearsal dinner is scheduled for the night before the wedding. Newlyweds practice on the aisle so that everything goes well on their wedding day. At the same time, it is also a great opportunity to reminisce about good times with friends and family and is an integral part of the celebration. Rehearsal dinner invitations are usually sent 6 - 7 weeks before the dinner date, giving enough time for friends and relatives to plan their personal itinerary.

Rehearsal dinner invitations can come in a variety of themes, color combinations, and shapes. Designing a unique rehearsal dinner invite that matches your wedding style can impress your invitees, set the tone for your wedding, and make people look forward to it. Fotor's rehearsal dinner invitation maker is a free online design tool with an intuitive interface, drag-and-drop operation tools, pre-designed rehearsal dinner invitation templates, and rich graphic elements. Even without any design experience, you can easily design stunning invitations for your rehearsal dinner.

Editable wedding rehearsal dinner invitation templates are our biggest highlight. All templates are carefully designed by professional designers, with a reasonable layout, bright color matching, and unique design style. Browse our 100+ rehearsal dinner invitation templates, and choose one to start. All graphic elements on the template are editable. Add, subtract or change according to your needs. In short, in Fotor's rehearsal dinner invitation maker, you can make a satisfactory wedding rehearsal invitation according to your heart.

After the rehearsal dinner invitations are made, they need to be sent out. Click the "Share" button to send e-invitations directly to your friends' email boxes. Or, you can save your invitation design in PDF and other formats, print it out and send paper wedding rehearsal dinner invitations to your loved ones.

Various Themes of Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

There are different themes of rehearsal dinner invites to choose from:

  • Beach-themed rehearsal dinner invitation

Hosting a rehearsal dinner by the sea is a very romantic option. Beach-themed rehearsal dinner invitations are perfect for the occasion. When friends and relatives receive your beach-themed rehearsal dinner invitation, they can immediately think of your wedding theme and choose the right outfit for the dinner.

  • Digital rehearsal dinner invitation

Digital rehearsal dinner invitation is very convenient for people. Don't need to handwrite and send it out. Therefore, more new couples now use our digital rehearsal dinner invitations instead of the obsolete physical card invitations. Get started with Fotor and finish your first design in no time!

  • Photo rehearsal dinner invitation

Photo rehearsal dinner invitations are a popular invitation design recently. Put a happy photo of the newlyweds on the invitation letter, tell relatives and friends that they are about to enter a new life together, and convey this happiness. With our photo rehearsal dinner invitation template, you can easily customize the photo above.

  • Formal rehearsal dinner invitations

Don't want rehearsal dinner invites flashy, and yet you crave bespoke design. Fotor offers formal rehearsal dinner invitation designs which can meet your needs. These formal rehearsal dinner invitations are simple yet classic and have your details of the invitation.

  • Elegant rehearsal dinner invitations

Use elegant rehearsal dinner invitations to show off your unique taste and aesthetic. Design an elegant rehearsal dinner invitation with beautiful typography, comfortable color schemes, and personalized fonts. Let invitees praise your refined taste when they receive it. Fotor's numerous graphic elements and design tools help you succeed.

Good Ideas for Your Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Wording

You can write a few words for your rehearsal dinner invitation before adding other details. Below are samples of a few words you can use:

  1. All we need is love, and please join us for rehearsal dinner in honor of Mary Ann and Isaac jean.
  2. A wedding is the ultimate big day and just like any big day. You are a family, and we want you to be part of our rehearsal dinner.
  3. Name and Name invite you to their rehearsal dinner.
  4. Please join us for a rehearsal dinner honoring the marriage of Mr & MRS Johnson.
  5. The soon-to-be couple, Name, cordially invites you to their rehearsal dinner.

What Should the Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Include?

You must share the correct information on your wedding rehearsal dinner invitation, and it includes the following:

  • The names of the couples
  • The names of the host
  • The date and time
  • Location
  • The RSVP contact
  • The dress codes
  • Any additional information

How to Address Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Envelopes?

After completing the design of invitations for rehearsal dinner and writing perfect wording and detailed information, the next step is to address the envelopes. The follows are the information recommended to be included:

  1. Know the marital status of your guest
  2. Tuck your invitation and seal your envelope
  3. Write the name of the guest on the envelope with proper initials. Mr & Mrs for a married couple, Mr for single man, Miss for single lady
  4. Write a clear address with no abbreviations
  5. Write the sender’s name and address

When to Send Rehearsal Dinner Invitation?

Rehearsal dinner invites come after the wedding invitation have been sent. They should be sent 6 - 7 weeks before the event to give your guest enough time to prepare for the rehearsal dinner. Fotor's rehearsal dinner invitations maker allows people to send their invitations online, which saves the mailing time. So, rehearsal dinner online invitations can be sent 4 weeks before the dinner date.

Who Sends Out Rehearsal Dinner Invitations?

Ideally, the rehearsal dinner event planner sends out the wedding rehearsal dinner. The planner could be anyone from the couple's family, a friend, or a hired professional.

Ready to create outstanding invitations for your wedding rehearsals? Start here now!