Free Online Layer Mask Tool

Use layer mask tool to mask two or more images online, create double exposure and other eye-catching effects with a few clicks, 100% free.

Bring a stunning visual look to your pictures instantly!

Add a layer mask to a female portrait with the layer mask tool in Fotor

Mask Photos for Different Effects

A beautiful woman with black in snow
Double exposure effect on a woman portrait
Jumping man image with blue sky background
Jumping man image with pink sunset background
Portrait of an African woman with a wreath
Add a leaf layer to the African woman portrait
A beautiful woman with black in snow
Jumping man image with blue sky background
Portrait of an African woman with a wreath

The layer mask tool provides a quick and efficient way to mask photos and achieve different creative effects. With just a few clicks, you can combine images seamlessly to create a variety of stunning results.

By using our layer mask tool, you can easily adjust the opacity of the blended images, or create subtle or dramatic effects as desired. Whether you want to blend two images to create a double exposure effect, change the background layer, or add a foreground layer to a photo, Fotor is an ideal choice to help you achieve your goals.

A masked photo and three free masking photo layers from Fotor

Masking Layer Get Your Image Creative

Unlock your creativity when it comes to layer masking. Fotor offers a variety of free overlays from city lights to landscapes. With our AI-based background remover, you can swiftly extract people or objects from photos, enabling you to overlay images and make a creative effect. Moreover, you can also add text, logo, or other design elements to your image layer, while blending them seamlessly with the underlying layers. Take your images to the next level with our powerful layer mask tool now!

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Change a portrait backdrop to a texture background with Fotor

Change Background Layer in a Snap

The layer mask tool is not only useful for blending multiple images, but it can also be used to add or change the background layer of your photo. With this tool, you can easily replace the background to your photo layer while keeping the subject in focus. By applying a stunning background, add interest to your photo and enhance the composition, making it stand out from the rest.

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blend female and a rainy scene together with fotor photo blender

How to Create a Layer Mask?

  • It is easy to create a layer mask with Fotor. Firstly, click the button "Get Started".
  • Upload the pictures you need to edit, and then set one of them as the bottom layer.
  • Drag another photo to the canvas as the top layer, and the two photos will overlap.
  • Manage the layer’s size, placement, and intensity to optimize your work.
  • Once you're done, click on the “Download” button to export your image in HD format.
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