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Easily create vector icons and logos with Fotor's online SVG editor for free, no design skills are needed.

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Change the gray cat svg image to yellow
Change red florets svg image to yellow

Change SVG Color Instantly

With Fotor's online SVG editor, you can effortlessly create and edit SVG online. Simply pick an illustration or icon from our ready-to-use vector templates, and choose colors from the palette that match your personality and branding. Fotor allows you to change image color and customize it to your preferred look in seconds. Changing SVG color has never been easier!

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Change cartoon puppy svg image color online

Play Around with Colors

Discover the full extent of your online color-matching capabilities! Explore the professional color palette and color picker from Fotor to create fresh shades and looks for your designs. By utilizing our image color changer tool, you can effortlessly obtain your preferred colors and shades, and effortlessly incorporate these stunning hues into your illustrations or logos, thereby elevating your designs to new heights.

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Change the color of an orange pizza svg image

Change SVG Color to Match Your Brand

Fotor's SVG color changer empowers you to effortlessly change the color of your SVG images, aligning them perfectly with your brand identity. With this powerful tool, you can easily customize the color scheme of your SVG images, ensuring consistency and harmony with your brand's visual elements. Whether it's your logo, icons, or any other SVG graphics, Fotor's SVG color changer equips you with the capability to seamlessly adapt its colors to reflect your brand's unique aesthetic.

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Change svg color online with Fotors svg editor

How to Change SVG Color?

  • It is super easy to change SVG color with this SVG color changer. Firstly, click the button "Change SVG Color" to get started.
  • Next, choose a vector image from "Elements".
  • Select the added illustration or icon, and find the "Color" tool at the top of the canvas. Then change the SVG color according to your preference and need.
  • When finished, click the "Download" button on the top right to download your image in HD file format.
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