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Separate yourself from the competition by using one of our versatile invoices templates provided by Fotor’s free invoice generator. Choose the invoice template that matches your corporate image and easily use Fotor’s online invoice creator to customize all kinds of invoice formats.

Among all the invoicing software out there, Fotor provides invoice examples designed for special use to fit any and all of your business needs. These invoice invoices will help you level up and enhance your enterprise image, leaving a lasting and professional impression on your business partners and customers.

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Stand out from the Crowd with Professional Invoice Templates

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Store Your Invoice Data on the Fotor Cloud

In this age, all your data is saved online instead of being kept in a hard drive. Luckily, Fotor can help you securely save all your information on the Fotor Cloud, even changing the file names for all your different customers as well your bestsellers, so you can quickly get the right one. You can access Fotor Cloud on your phone or computer, as long as you have Internet access.

Better yet, Fotor Cloud helps you record your design history, which can help you figure out how and when changes are made to your invoices, so you can track their histories to remind your customers when any invoice is from, helping streamline your revenue. Try making your invoice now!

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Not Just Professional Invoice Templates

The Fotor platform also has many other professional template makers, such as Fotor’s report card maker, which can help you design a clear layout for your business analyses; the presentation designer that creates handy slides to present your business core or corporate services; plus the proposal maker, memo maker, and certificate maker, etc. Fotor is doing all it can to fulfill your business needs. You can complete all your work with Fotor! Make money hand over fist and get your invoice templates now!

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How to Create a Formal and Professional Invoice?

  • Open Fotor and click the "Create a Design" feature, and choose the "Invoice" layout.
  • Search for what suits your needs with the search box and choose one from the results.
  • Upload the logo you made from Fotor’s logo maker or just upload your own logo
  • Adjust the fonts and colors, or add text, stickers, or anything else with our selection of handy tools.
  • Preview and save your invoices, choosing the format and size you desire.
  • Download and send your business invoice to your customer.
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Invoice Design FAQs

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