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Use Our free online icon maker to create eye-catching and unique icons for your web, app, images, and social media. There are hundreds of icon templates and various graphic design elements.

Design icons that fit your business and need with the icon generator now!

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Create web icon with fotor icon creator

Create Icons for Your Web

A well-crafted and sophisticated website icon design can impress visitors and increase the click-through rate of certain buttons. Furthermore, an intuitive and appealing icon can directly contribute to your site's usability, making navigation more straightforward for users and leading to higher conversion rates.

Use Fotor's icon generator to create suitable icons for your website and bring unexpected results to your business.

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Add your created icon to woman photo

Add Your Designed Icon to Your Image

In addition to making an icon for the website, you can also create unique icons for your photos to make your photos look more lively and interesting. It is recommended to design heart icons, emoji icons, cute icons, and cool icons. No need to download complicated graphics software. Now add your favorite icons to your photos with Fotor to spark some laughter.

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Make cute icon for discord and youtube

Make a Server Icon for Different Platforms

Create icons for your social media platforms that represent you, a business, or a group. These icons can make people immediately think of you or your company when they see them. Fotor is not only a Discord server icon maker, youtube icon maker but also a Minecraft server icon maker. It allows you to design icons used on these platforms and bring your promotions great results.

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Use fotor icon builder to change icon color

Customize Icons to Make it Unique

Create custom icons to stand out from the crowd. After selecting the icon you want to use from our library, change the icon color, and adjust the size and placement. You can even rotate the icon orientation. Also, add special fonts and text to your icons. Then a new and unique icon is created.

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download cute emoji in png

Download Icons in PNG Format

Our free icon maker supports you to save icons in PNG format with a transparent background, which means that your icons can be placed over any background color or image, seamlessly integrating with your design aesthetic.

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Create pink aesthetic icon from text prompt with Fotor AI icon generator

Generate an Aesthetic Icon With AI

Want to create more creative and artistic icon graphs? Use our AI icon generator to help you turn your vision into reality! With the assistance of cutting-edge AI technology, you can effortlessly create a visually appealing icon from a simple text prompt. Just type in your desired concept, and the AI icon generator will craft a unique, aesthetically pleasing icon that encapsulates your vision.

Whether for personal or professional use, the AI image generator simplifies the design process, eliminating the need for extensive design skills. Try it now!

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How to Create an Icon with Icon Maker?

  • Click on the "Create Icons" button on this page to get started.
  • Click "Elements" to browse through icons in our element library. Select the one you like.
  • Change the color, adjust the size and position of the icon, and add text to it.
  • When you finish, click the "Download" button to save your icon png with high resolution for printing or easily share your digital stickers online.
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