Design Stunning Announcement for Your Special Moments

Each of your important moments is worth celebrating and sharing with your friends and family.

Fotor’s professional announcement maker helps you announce your special moments with great fanfare.

A wide range of well-designed announcement templates can record your life’s milestones in a brilliant way.

Five announcement tamplates from Fotor online announcement maker

Eye-catching Announcement Templates Are Ready for You

Create an Announcement with Fotor’s Amazing Announcement Maker

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Customize Announcements to Celebrate Those Special Occasions

In our lives, many events are worth sharing and celebrating with friends and family. Announcements can be made for a birth, wedding, graduation invitation, announcements engagements, and so much more. Customize your announcements to share your joy with others.

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How to create a Christmas invitation

How to Make an Announcement on Fotor?

  • Open Fotor and choose an “Announcement” layout.
  • Choose from a wide range of announcement templates.
  • Add your own images or choose from our stock photos and edit the text.
  • Modify and design fonts, photo effects, stickers, backgrounds, and so much more.
  • Review and save your work, or you can share it to social media directly.
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Announcement Design FAQs

How do I write a professional announcement?

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