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Free and Printable Hiring Poster

A hiring poster is a means of advertising vacancies to potential candidates. It helps choose the best candidate for any vacant position in an organization. Employers with excellent job hiring posters usually stand out among their competitors when recruiting for the same vacant position.

To create effective recruitment posters, Fotor comes to your aid. Fotor's poster maker has an intuitive interface, easy-to-use design tool, and rich poster templates. It is very friendly for beginners and non-designers. With it, people can create we are hiring posters in minutes.

Besides, there are all sorts of printable and free hiring poster templates for anyone to use anywhere. Don't worry about no creative recruitment poster ideas, and don't need to start from a blank canvas. Just browse our hundreds of recruitment poster templates, and choose the one you like to start. All the elements on the template can edit. Change the background, add stickers, replace images, and so on.

When your recruitment poster design is completed, click the "Download" button to save it. There are JPG, PNG, and PDF formate for you to choose from. Also, you can share your hiring poster on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Various Types of Recruitment Poster

If you are looking for excellent software which can create various glam and attractive hiring posters, Fotor is the best choice. The following are among the types of recruitment posters available in Fotor:

  • Job hiring poster

A job hiring poster is used to hire the right candidate for a job vacancy. It’s used to encourage everyone seeking for job or who wants to have a change in job to apply and be qualified for selection.

  • Army recruitment poster

Army recruitment posters are used to entice young people to join the military training and defend their country. It’s a hard decision for anyone to join the army, but with attractive army military poster ideas from Fotor, you get many young people to join the military.

  • Teacher hiring poster

Teacher hiring posters are used to entice professional teachers to apply for a teaching vacancy in any learning ground. When you create an effective and professional-looking teacher hiring poster using Fotor, professional teachers come in for your vacant teaching post.

  • Police recruitment poster

A police recruitment poster is used to call upon various hard-working individuals to join the police training and get employed. Having a striking police recruitment poster allows individuals passionate about their community and serve others with honesty and passion for joining the police force.

  • Restaurant hiring poster

A restaurant hiring poster is a killer way to display a vacancy position in a restaurant. It’s the best way to attract the most qualified candidate with excellent customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

What Should be Included in the We are Hiring Poster?

To create an enticing recruitment poster, you must include certain key information. The following are essential content when designing your creative job hiring poster:

  • Catchy and informative headline: Your headline should be attractive and informative so that readers can know the type of position you are willing to fill.
  • Business name and logo: Your business logo gives the potential candidate an idea of who is trying to recruit. Being anonymous might send the rightful potential candidate away, thinking you are a scam.
  • Your business contact information: It’s essential to provide how potential candidates can contact you when interested in your job post.
  • Details on how to apply and requirements: It’s vital to add details on how to apply and requirements such as education, experience, and skills if your vacant position requires a certain educational background, skills, or experience.
  • Job benefit: Another way of attracting the best candidate for a position is to add the benefits they will get after being employed. It’s best to add this so the candidate can be energized to apply.
  • A call to action: A call to action is indispensable to set the potential participants to start applying.

How to Make a Hiring Poster?

  1. Look through all hiring poster templates on this page, inspiring your creative recruitment poster ideas.
  2. Choose any of our free and aesthetic recruitment poster templates to edit freely, or start your design from scratch.
  3. Edit any part of the template using our easy-to-use free tools and rich elements till you get your desired design. All changes can achieve by just dragging and dropping.
  4. Preview your final design, and click the "Download" button to save. Our download functions are available in high and normal PDF, PNG, and JPG resolutions.