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A good logo immediately makes your brand recognizable to customers. It represents your company, product, or idea, which is exactly why you need to design your logo wisely. Once you have designed your logo, you can use it for anything related to your business, such as products, websites, business cards, etc.

Now Fotor’s logo maker is here to help you design your own business logo like a pro even if you have no design experience. You can start with the blank canvas and let your creativity flow. Besides the bunks of well-made business logo templates, there are lots of advanced design tools and business logo ideas to inspire you.

Now you can pick up one business logo template you prefer and start your design journey. You can type your brand information on it, and change logo color, typography, text fonts, and much more.

Three Phases You Should Consider When Design a Business Logo:
Phase 1: Preparations
1. Consider Your Brand’s Personality
2. Consider Your Audience
3. Think About the Long Term
4. Ask for Professional Advice

Phase 2: How to Design a Logo
1. Keep It Simple
2. Use the Color Psychology
3. Create a Memorable Shape
4. Thinks About the Fonts
5. Consider Typography
6. Create Contrast
6. Use Vector Graphics

Phase 3: What to Perfect Your Design
1. Get Feedback
2. Refine Your Logo Design

Once you have finished your business logo design, save it in high resolution. Vectorize it when you want to print it out, which makes sure its clear visuality. And you can apply it anywhere you want to promote brand recognition!