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Free and Customizable Instagram Highlight Cover Template

When you share a story, it becomes eligible to be a part of the Instagram highlight where it says forever. The Instagram story highlight cover is an excellent feature. It allows you to share your favorite moments with others in a creative and fun way while making it easy for followers to find what they're looking for. Moreover, organizing and customizing your profile with Instagram highlight cover photos is a great way to make a lasting impression on your followers. Therefore, whether you are using a personal account or business, your Instagram highlight covers need to be polished.

Fotor's Instagram highlight cover maker is designed for Instagram users to custom highlight covers. With rich elements and an intuitive interface, this is the perfect way to create a highlight cover for your Instagram. For creating excellent-looking covers, simply upload your photos or choose from Fotor’s vast library of royalty-free stock photos. Then, add text, stickers, and other elements to make your cover stand out. You can even adjust the colors and filters to create an eye-catching look. So if you want a more creative or professional-looking Instagram highlight cover, use Fotor.

To further cut down your time in half, Fotor lets you choose from a collection of predesigned Instagram highlight cover templates to get started. Fotor has a template for every thumbnail type, like FAQs, product details, achievements, or client reviews. Once you've found the perfect Instagram highlight cover template, click "Edit" to make it your own. You can add symbol Instagram highlight icons or alter the Instagram highlight cover size. With Fotor's powerful online Instagram highlight cover maker, you'll be able to create professional-looking designs in just minutes!

After you're satisfied with your design, simply download the high-quality pictures on your phone or laptop. Or you can also choose to share it in a couple of steps. So simple! With Fotor's online Instagram highlight cover maker, you'll be able to make your stunning Instagram story highlight covers in no time. Give it a try today!

Various Types of Attractive Instagram Highlight Covers

Fotor brings you a wide range of Instagram highlight covers that can match any story type.

  • Black Instagram highlight covers

A Black Instagram highlight cover is a sleek and stylish way to show off your stories on Instagram. This color is perfect for adding contrast and making icons stand out.

  • Me Instagram highlight cover

With me Instagram highlight cover, you can show off your lifestyle. This is perfect for people who love sharing stories of their birthdays, family get together, or promoting their personal brand.

  • Friends Instagram highlight cover

Choose this if you like to show off your social life, like nights out or events they attend. You will get Friends' Instagram highlight cover templates from Fotor that have a party popper icon or a picture with a group of people that highlights your style.

  • Food Instagram highlight cover

This is ideal for people who share stories of their cooking adventures and new recipes they've tried. Get a pizza slice icon or a recipe sheet sticker for your food Instagram highlight cover.

  • Travel Instagram highlight cover

If you like promoting your wanderlust and this template is for you. You will get travel Instagram highlight cover templates with a world map icon or a picture of an airplane to show off your journeys.

  • Cute Instagram highlight cover

This is perfect for people who share stories of their pets, children, or nature around them. You will get cute Instagram highlight cover templates that have a pet paw icon or a picture with a flower to add some cuteness to your highlight cover.

How to Change the Instagram Highlight Cover?

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile by tapping on your photo present in the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap on the specific highlight you'd like to modify. Next, select 'More' present in the bottom right corner.
  3. Tap on 'Edit Highlight' and then select the 'Edit Cover' option.
  4. Select the 'Image icon' to pick the highlight cover for Instagram from your gallery.
  5. Tap on your beautiful cover Instagram highlight cover, and you're done.

10 Best Instagram Highlight Cover Ideas in 2022

  • Highlight covers with fancy texts

If you like elegant and sophisticated highlight covers, go for simple texts. These covers will make your highlight stand out with fonts like calligraphy and handwritten.

  • Textured background highlights cover

Add a pinch of dimension to your highlight with textured background covers. Choose fabulous textures like marble and wood. These will make the perfect 2022 Instagram highlight cover.

  • Watercolor Instagram story highlights cover

Add a little abstract to your Instagram highlight cover with these watercolor photos. You can either choose one type of color combination for all the icons or choose different shades of a similar color.

  • Home living Instagram highlights cover icons

If you love all things home, this is the perfect Instagram story highlight cover pack for you. These covers will make your highlight stand out with icons like a cozy sofa, warm fireplace, and cute cat.

  • Fitness motivation highlight covers

If your Instagram is about fitness in 2022, these highlight covers for Instagram can organize your profile. With icons like a healthy salad, fitness tracker, and water bottle, these covers will help you distinguish the different aspects of the fitness journey.

  • Beauty blogger highlight covers

If you're a beauty blogger, these highlight covers are perfect. These covers will make your Instagram highlight attractive with icons like makeup brushes, lipstick, and perfume.

  • Cartoon Instagram highlight cover icon

Caricatures and fun colors are very much in demand as a 2022 Instagram highlight cover. Choose funky photos like a camera, sweater, house, or bicycle in bright colors to attract your followers.

  • Wedding planning highlight covers

Big weddings are back in 2022, and these highlight covers will match every theme. With icons like a wedding dress, engagement ring, and champagne, these Instagram highlight covers will help you highlight each part of your big day.

  • Family vacation Instagram highlight cover icon

The Summer season brings out great vacation plans. Use highlight covers with a beach umbrella, sunhat, and flip flops. They will look great on your profile.

  • All golden highlight covers

Add luxury to your highlight cover for Instagram with these all golden background colors. With icons like a golden crown, necklace, and ring, these covers will make your highlight glamorous.