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vegetables, veggies, tomato, Orange Vegetable Japanese Advertisement Flyer Template
Orange Vegetable Japanese Advertisement Flyer Template
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Pink And Cute Girl's Day Flyer Template
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Fresh Vegetable Flyer Template
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Retro Fast Food Summer Sale Flyer Template
Happy Easter Day Flyer Template

Free Restaurant Flyer Template for Printing

An attractive flyer is the best way to advertise your new restaurant or promote new specialties for an existing restaurant. With a wealth of customizable restaurant flyer templates, Fotor helps you create restaurant flyers in no time.

Whether it's a new dish launch or a restaurant event. Whether it is a restaurant with a retro-style decoration or a modern minimalist style restaurant. You can find restaurant flyer templates for your needs in our template center. Customize this template with rich design elements. Change the background color and text, add pictures of your own restaurant or dishes by dragging and dropping. Then you're done with a one-of-a-kind restaurant flyer.

Once the restaurant flyer template is complete, print it out immediately and distribute it around to quickly promote your restaurant. Or publish it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc to use the Internet to spread quickly, bringing good income to your restaurant. Fotor's restaurant flyer maker is your best choice for making an eye-catching restaurant flyer.

What is Good Restaurant Flyer Design?

  1. Brightly colored food pictures. Brightly colored food showcases the freshness of the food and stimulates the audience's curiosity and appetite.
  2. Inspirational promotional text. Using a call-to-action text on a restaurant flyer can inspire action in your recipients. At the same time, catchy words like free, new, etc. can quickly grab people’s attention.
  3. Name the event you're promoting in a clear, easy-to-read, and large enough font. Contrasting fonts add visual hierarchy and make the audience immediately notice what you want to focus on.
  4. Use different colors and backgrounds. Different colors and backgrounds can divide visual space and highlight information in jaw-dropping ways.

Our Advantages of Making a Restaurant Flyer

  • Hundreds of restaurant flyer templates. Pre-made beautiful restaurant templates help you quickly start restaurant flyer creation. No design experience is required.
  • Rich design elements. You can freely add various stickers and icons to your canvas according to your ideas. In addition, high-definition pictures, various fonts, and various background colors are available.
  • Easy-to-use tool. The drag-and-drop operation makes our tools easy to use
  • Intuitive interface. The design results and the effect of your changes can be seen clearly and immediately.

When do You Need to Create Restaurant Flyers?

  1. Restaurant grand opening
  2. Holiday promotions
  3. New arrival
  4. Anniversary
  5. Special event