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Animate a still photo in seconds using our free online photo animator. Make your photos talk and turn your images into dynamic, vibrant, and animated videos. Experience the magic of photo animation now!

The AI turned the static portrait of the woman into a dynamic image where she is speaking
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Photo Animation: Make Your Still Photos Move

Turn your static photos into a dynamic and grab more attention from your audience. Our AI photo animator makes it incredibly easy to add animation to still photos. Just upload your picture, select a preset voice, and then watch as your photo converts into an animated video online. Animate any photo effortlessly and bring them to life by adding movement and interest to your portraits, selfies, art masterpieces, and funny meme pictures.

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The AI turned the static avatar of the girl into a dynamic image where she is speaking

Revive Face Photo into Animated Avatar

Looking to add some excitement to your static portraits? Look no further than our online face photo animator for creating realistic animated AI talking avatars. No editing skills are required, everyone can make an excellent, vivid AI talking avatar in clicks. Just upload your portraits and make your portrait talk with advanced AI.

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The AI turned the static family portrait of the girl into a dynamic image of her father speaking

Animate Family Portrait for Fun

Have fun with your family gatherings in a brand-new way! With our automatic AI-powered photo animation maker, you can now turn your family portrait into a hilarious animated video where everyone speaks the same wishes or even sings your favorite song. Animate faces in old family photos and create a dynamic video that appears as if they were captured in motion while posing for the portrait.

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Animate photos showing a girl using defferent vioces

Turn Still Photos into Dynamic Videos

Clipfly's animator offers multiple preset voice styles, from a little girl to a young man, effortlessly transforming cold, still images into emotional, storytelling videos. You can even customize your audio and type your own script that fits your brand and personality to attract every potential customer. Experience real-time photo animation and create dynamic videos from pictures effortlessly.

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The static image of the kitten meow has been changed into a dynamic picture of it speaking

Create Live Photos Featuring Your Beloved Pet

Enjoy the charm of your dog's bark even if you didn't capture a Live Photo! Clipfly's AI technology can also effortlessly identify the faces of your furry friend and convert your static pet photos into modern, animated visuals that record their facial expressions. With thousands of pet photos in your gallery, imagine the fun of animating them into delightful videos!

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The static portrait has been transformed into a dynamic image for sharing on social

Boost Audience Engagement with Photo Animation

Unlock the power of animated photos beyond just entertainment. They also play a significant role in captivating attention, boosting brand visibility, conveying emotions, and telling compelling stories, particularly in marketing, social media, and advertising. Leverage animated photos to retain your audience's interest and prevent them from scrolling past using Clipfly's free online photo animator.

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Why Choose Clipfly to Animate Photos?

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Easy Preview

No need to worry about the animation effect not matching your photo. Clipfly lets you preview the video instantly.

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Advanced AI Tool

Clipfly uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and ensures natural & realistic lip synchronization for an engaging experience.

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Easy to Use

Effortlessly create talking photos with just a few clicks online, no skill required.

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Privacy and Security

Our platform utilizes robust encryption to safeguard your data, ensuring a secure environment for your creative projects.


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