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It is a difficult time when a loved one goes missing, be it a person or a pet.

Fotor is here to help and has put together a collection of missing poster templates which you can easily customize and download to print.

We hope you find them safe and sound as soon as possible.

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Ready-to-Use Missing Person or Pet Poster Templates for Fast Designs

Red Missing Person
Black Missing Old Search Notice
Blue Missing Person Search Notice
Blue Missing Dog
Yellow Missing Dog Search Notice
Beige Missing Cat
Gray Missing Poster
Gray Missing Dog
White Missing Dog Search Notice
Black Missing Cat
White Missing Person Search Notice
Help Find Me

Custom Missing Posters Made Easy with Fotor’s Missing Poster Creator

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Make a missing pet poster easily with Fotor

Print or Share Your Missing Poster To Get the Word Out

Once you’re done designing your missing poster, it’s time to print out and distribute it to the public. All you need to do is click “Export” and save your design as a JPG, PNG, or high quality PDF file for print. Social media is also a great place to spread the word about your search. You can post your missing poster to Facebook or Twitter and ask your family and friends to share, or post on your area’s lost and found animal social media pages for more exposure.

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Create a Found Pet Poster to Help Stray Pets Find Their Way Home

These posters are not just made by people who have lost their pets. If you’ve found a stray cat or dog, you can also create a poster and print it out and post around the area you found the pet. Be sure to take a photo of the lost pet, use large text to indicate “Found Dog” or “Found Cat”, and include a brief description of the pet along with your contact on the poster. You can also ask for help from the local vet or shelter to see if you can post it in their lobby. If the owner is searching through the neighborhood, your poster will easily get their attention and lead them right to you.

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How to create a poster

How to Make a Missing Person or Pet Poster?

  • Go to, click “Create a Design” button, and select the “Poster” layout to get started.
  • Enter the keyword “Missing” into the search bar. This will load all of the missing poster templates from Fotor’s template library.
  • After you choose a template, you'll enter the design process. You can freely replace the placeholder text and images on the template with your own content, and change fonts, colors, backgrounds, and other elements to create the look you want.
  • When your design is complete, save and download your missing poster in the size and format you want, or share it right to social media.
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Missing Poster FAQs

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