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When trying to find a missing person, pet, or item, don't forget to make a missing poster to post on the web or print to post around the neighborhood where you can get more clues. A successful missing poster is one that is focused and eye-catching. With Fotor's poster maker, you're halfway there, because our well-designed poster template can help you save prime time!

You don't have to worry about the layout and design of the missing poster because our professional poster designers have everything ready for you. Any factor that matches the search for the missing message has been incorporated into the design by us. Everything including the eye-catching headline or label, even the placement of important information, and the size of the font are all available for you to use directly without any adjustments, which ensures that important messages or features are directly noticed by the viewers.

Now go to Fotor's Missing poster template library and find the corresponding template, click on it and edit it according to your actual situation. Upload photos of the missing person, pet, or item. Then enter the relevant information in the corresponding place, including the time, place, and information of the missing person. If you want to emphasize a certain part, just bold the text or highlight it with a bright color.

After editing, make sure your missing poster is downloaded in HD format so that the content of your printed copy is clearly visible. You can also post your missing poster directly to your social media platforms via Fotor with relevant hashtags to quickly spread the word!