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Create your own class schedule for free to organize your days with Fotor’s class schedule maker easily. Built-in smart class schedule templates can help you make your unique schedule in minutes. No design skills or pocket worries.

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Organize Your Life Effectively

Time is the rarest thing in your life. How do you catch something so fleeting? How can you improve your relationship with it effectively? Creating and printing your own schedule is not a bad way to squeeze the most out of it. Keep all the important things on your list and finish them one after another. You only need to use your energy handling them instead of trying to remember them and messing with your own mood. Understand that your brain is not a computer.

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How to Make a Class Schedule?

  • Open Fotor and click “Create a Design”.
  • Choose the“Class Schedule” layout .
  • Enter the keywords you are looking for and browse the various relevant class schedule templates.
  • Find the one you like the most and put it into the canvas to get started.
  • Change some images, text or fonts to meet all your class schedule needs.
  • Export your class schedule design and share it right away.
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Class Schedule Design FAQs

What does TR mean in a class schedule?

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How do you color code your class schedule?