AI Extensions: Best Chrome Plugins as You Need

Summary: This article will introduce the best chrome extensions available for you to improve working efficiency and quality like writing and image reversion and video creation, color management and so on.

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As Google Chrome is almost the tycoon among the various browsers worldwide, you must work with it to get your tasks and jobs done. In order to improve your efficiency and balance your time between work and life, you’d better know there are diverse AI extensions involved in google chrome extensions.

If you wish to enhance your using experience by taking advantage of handling automate repetitive tasks, streamlining your working procedures and searching intelligent solutions for your business tasks, this blog will tell you the best AI extensions you could choose in detail.

Let’s know the Best AI extensions included in the chrome extensions now!

Top AI Extensions for Google Chrome


As we all know, ChatGPT has become a trend in today’s world. To make the best of this ChatGPT chrome extension, there are some tools to extend the functionality of this chrome extension.

One of the chat gpt chrome extensions is WebChatGPT. This Chrome extension could help you use ChatGPT get the most recent information. Even the knowledge base of this chrome extension is limited to 2021, you could break this limitation and update the information with WebChatGPT.

Another google plugin is ChatGPT Writer, it’s one of the best extensions for chrome that emphasize on e-mails and messages writing on all kinds of websites. The operation procedure to add this chrome extension is pretty easy. Merely logging into the OpenAI and clicking on it, then just tap in the type can context of the messages or e-mails that you want.

Merlin is also among the chrome store extensions. Its service is not limited to Google’s search engine. Instead, it’s available to the whole services of the browser. So when you need a solution on any webpage, this chrome extension is always available for you!

What’s more YouTube Summary with ChatGPT is also one of the best chrome web store extensions. If you are working with videos and wish to find the proper one that suits your theme within the shortest time. This chrome extension is your best choice. Merely logging in and clicking the summary box and tapping the type you want, then you could get entire video transcript and a quick summary.


As a writer, you must always think twice over the writing ideas. And HyperWrite is one of the best AI writing tools that could help you be more inspirational by creating materials for the type you want and choose the proper words and phrases within specific context. Besides, this chrome plugin bears the function of text-to image section. This would make it more convenient for you to add illustration pictures to your writings.


Jasper chrome extension is also a good helper in google chrome extensions. It would be super helpful for you to add chrome extension like this when you are focusing on writing multiple articles in a short time. This chrome extension uses AI to create articles more quickly.

With this ai writing tool, you could lengthen or shorten a sentence within few clicks. Besides, you could change the difficulty of the article by clicking “Explain it to a Fifth Grader”. Then the article would be more easier for readers to understand.

Compose AI

When you are busy handling your working emails, compose ai is one of the greatest chrome web store extensions for you to pick. You could apply it to write an extension for you email or the odd slack chat easily.


This is an AI extension that plays a role of SEO assistant. It could help you develop content and get correct keywords to rank high in search engine and drive your organic traffic. Chrome store extensions like this could help you in writing, rewriting, and making your content easier to understand.

Speak AI

As one of the best chrome web store extensions, Speak AI is super helpful to check out the readability of a text by using its sentiment analysis. This chrome extension could offer you the analysis of the most recent trending and data. Then you could decide what topic to choose to write your composition and make good strategic decisions to gain fan base.

TinEye Reverse Image Search

As someone handling a lot of images, you couldn’t ignore the google lens extension. This great google extension could show you how popular the image you are visiting. Besides, you are able to add chrome extensions like this to check out plagiarism in images and find which image is made out of originality.

ColorPick Eyedropper

If you are a graphic designer or a painter, ColorPick Eyedropper is a great AI Extension for you to pick.

This Chrome ex could recognize colors immediately and take a screenshot of a selected area under the snap mode. Then you are able to check the hex color value and the color of red green and blue values for the website you are browsing. This way could get your sense of color practiced.

Data Scraper

In the situations where you are a computer programmer or data collector, you should add chrome extension like this. It could help you record useful data of any website, no matter you are visiting what kind of information ranging from URLs, email IDS, all kinds of numbers to anything available in public. This could save you a lot of time in collecting the common content to target your clients.


Sythesis is among the best extensions for chrome. And this google extension could help you create videos immediately. It bears a large language base, many templates, a media library and a screen recorder an so on.

This chrome extension marks a large market like Google, Nike, Reuters, and BBC. You could gain consistent and professional voiceovers there and create videos with high quality to draw attention from clients.

If your work is relevant to meetings, chats and video calls. is among the best google chrome extensions for you to choose. This chrome extension will offer you the service of transcribing all of them instantly. Besides, it would refine the transcript to make the sentences perfect and separate the text of every speaker.

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Seamless ai chrome extension is an ideal chrome Extension when you are an entrepreneur. Because this is one of the best google chrome extensions for free to help you compile, organize and manage contacts with business expectation. You could apply for list-building, marketing, creating database to make the format from social network profile that would attract attentions.

GitHub Copilot

Besides the chrome extensions mentioned above, there are many famous AI extensions for software sector like visual Studio Code. And GitHub Copilot is one of the visual studio extensions. This AI- powered extension could convert comments to code, product unit tests and so on. Besides, this microsoft project extension bears a large language base ranging from Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, C# to C++. It’s super helpful when you are a computer programmer.


Nowadays, browsers are an integrated part of our work and life to get the most recent information of all kinds. This makes our life more colorful. And the AI extensions added to the chrome would further help us to improve our efficiency in all kinds of working sectors, especially writing. Just follow this blog to add chrome extension as you need to balance your work and life now!