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Yellow Country Music Album
Green Plant Album
Red And Green Christmas Album
Black Space Music Album
Lost in Love
Black And White Piano Sonata Album
Guitar Music Album Cover
Metal Song
Black And White Country Music Cover
Black OK Sign Metal Music Cover
Love Forever
Summer Dance Mix
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Welcome to New York
Guitar Music
Black Piano Sonata Album
Nature Stars
Soundtrack Recording
Vintage Jazz
Purple Music Album
Pink Louder Actions Album Launch
Black Hugo Davis Album Launch
Red Final Draft Album Launch
Brown Vintage Music Playlist
Sunshine Album Cover
Black Alternative Rock 2000s
Black Top 50 90s Rock Albums
Brown Red Louder Actions Album Launch
Classic Music Album Cover
Sea Nature
Universe Electric Music
Retro Music Album
Orange Gun Gesture Album
Country Music
Country Music Album Photo
Retro Rap Music Song
White And Black Music Album Cover
Hip Hop Song Collection

Make You CD Outstanding with Album Cover Templates

An amazing album cover is a reflection of your music. Designing a personalized album cover is the key part for displaying your cool CD album and grabbing your fans' attention. With Fotor's graphic designer and various free online album cover templates, customize the album cover perfect for every artist and genre.

Album Cover Trends

Harmony, melody, musician, album are the crucial elements of music. Album cover plays an important role in creating a memorable name in the music industry, which can define an album and a musical genre. Let's take for example the" Prince: Purple Rain" & Amy Winehouse: Back To Black The music industry is much popular around the world. More and more musicians came out with their own style but fail to get any attention. Before they sign with a record label, an impressed album cover helps you grab their attention and make you stand out if you are good at music. Fotor has the solution for you. No matter you focus on electronic music, rap music, punk music, modern music. There are suitable music album cover templates for your to design your own unique CD cover and get noticed.

Best Album Cover Design Tips

As time goes by, many amazing musicians keep in our memory, no matter their live show or stunning album covers. How to make your album cover amazing? There are some tips for you. 1. Simple words 2. Main singer picture 3. Quote words or Singer's signature 4. Colors 5. Style

Customize Your Album Cover

Maybe your startup your music business for a short time, you do not have much budget for the album cover design. Fotor is waiting for you and help you design an amazing album cover for free. Get much inspiration and customize your album cover in a few minutes. In order to make an amazing album cover, try our Fotor's album cover maker to bring your great ideas into a professionally designed music cover. Fotor's album cover has various well-designed album cover templates finished by professional graphic designers. Meet all musician design needs, and no design experience required. Drag and drop one CD cover template from Fotor's album cover template or upload your image from the scratch, change the photo background, add the text and special fonts, adjust the color palette to create a cool perspective. Share it directly.

How to Make an Album Cover?

1. Click the album cover template to the canvas directly. 2. Make your visual look amazing by adding a high quality background photo, especially some portrait images; 3. Add the album name with stunning fonts and formats. 4. Download and share your cd cover on social media easily.

Online Album Cover Templates

Fotor's album cover maker offers you various music styles CD cover templates. From rap album cover templates to glass album cover templates, iconic album covers, blue album cover templates, rolling stone album cover templates, our Fotor cd cover gallery is waiting for you to use them directly. All you have to do is to explore your creation and customize the album cover templates to promote your newest track or podcast episode via sharing on Facebook or Twitter.