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200+ Food Poster Designs

Good quality for a food poster is that it efficiently grabs people's attention. A unique food poster in a restaurant can easily attract more customers, not to mention eye-catching thumbnails in your social media channel can help you gain thousands of followers. With Fotor's poster maker, you can create a stunning food poster in seconds.

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How Easy Is It to Create a Food Poster with Fotor

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Boost Business Promotion with an Amazing Food Poster

You will be amazed at how easily you can boost your business by using the right food poster. Whether you’re an owner of a steak house or a blogger on a foodie channel, a well-designed food poster can heighten your brand awareness and enhance your personal characteristics, even turning your newly launched dishes or products into hits in a short time. Simply choose any food poster templates you like on Fotor, and your business is going to take off!

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Using our free online poster creator to download and share your designed poster is simple. No complicated operation. Just click the corresponding button, and you can share your poster design on social media. Fotor’s poster maker also lets you download your poster in high-quality formats, such as JPG, PNG, and PDF. So your poster will always look great whether you print it out for distribution or use it as a digital poster.

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More Features of Fotor’s Poster Maker

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How to Create a Food Poster?

  • Open Fotor and click the "Create a Design" feature, and choose the "Poster" layout.
  • Search for “food”in the search box or simply browse all the templates and choose your preferred layout.
  • Upload your food photos or choose from the Fotor Photo library.
  • Adjust the fonts and colors, or add text, stickers, or anything else with our selection of handy tools.
  • Preview and save your food poster, choosing the format and size you need.
  • Download and publish your food poster for your audience to see.
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