5 Best AI Image Generators in 2023

Summary: This is a post shares the 5 best ai image generators that you can use to create stunning visuals. With these text to image AI tools, you can quickly get the best AI-generated images that turn your drawing ideas into reality.

best five ai image generators and six AI generated image examples

AI image generators have been currently a trending topic, revolutionizing visual creation. If you're eager to dive into this trend and add a touch of fun to your projects, it's time to explore!

These generators utilize advanced algorithms, swiftly converting text into vibrant images, providing a speedy solution to bring your creative ideas to life.

But with so many options available, which AI image generator is the best fit for you?

In this blog, we'll explore 5 top-notch AI image generators dominating the market. Our exploration will cover various aspects such as effects and quality, processing speeds, accessibility, and more.

Let's get started and find the perfect AI image generation tool for your creative pursuits!

What Makes an Image Generator Excellent?

9 ai generated image examples

AI image generator is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that transform textual input into visually stunning images. However, the capabilities of an exceptional AI generator extend far beyond basic image generation, encompassing unique features that set them apart from the competition.

Here are some must-have qualities of an AI image generator:

Firstly, it should be intelligence enough to understand and process the input prompts into the desired images with scenes that align with the expectations.

Furthermore, the quality of the generated AI photos matters, too. The generator should excel in aspects ranging from color reproduction to creative output.

Speed is another critical factor. Given its reliance on artificial intelligence technology, an efficient AI image generator should swiftly produce high-quality images.

Yet, to claim the title of the "BEST," an AI image generator should go above and beyond, offering advanced features that elevate the image generation experience.

Here are some key features that contribute to “Best AI Image Generator”:

Diverse Styles: The best AI image generators go beyond the style of photorealistic images, and offers more to cater for the various demands on AI image styles.

Customization Options: It should provide the ability to customize and evolve the generated images to offer the ideal output.

Continual Innovation: Best AI picture generator should update and introduce new features ensures that users have access to the latest advancements in AI image generation.

How to Pick the Best AI Image Generator for Your Needs?

Rise above the basic standards of AI image generators when selecting the ideal AI generator to meet your specific needs. Consider multiple factors, including AI-generated image style, quality, and budget. To guide your decision-making process, here are key questions to ask when choosing your AI image generator:

  1. Is it easy to use?
  2. Does it offer diverse styles for my generation?
  3. Can I enjoy free credits to try?
  4. Is the pricing within my budgets?
  5. Can I have more advanced AI features when necessary?

Now, let’s discover the BEST AI image generator tailored to your requirements from our carefully curated list of 10 top-tier options!

5 Best AI Image Generators You Should Try

Before dive into the specific AI image generator, let’s take a look at the overall roundup of our 5 top picks!

Key Features
Two AI image generation modes: text to image & image to image
Various AI styles available
Easy-to-use and output high quality images
Exclusive “Negative Prompts” service

10 free credits
US$0.015/credit if using a subscription plan
User-friendly interface
Output high quality art images
Generate fast
Diverse image styles

Limited free credits
DeepAI Pro: $4.99/month
Easy to use
Multiple styles available
Exclusive “Seed Image” service
Offer “AI Edit” tools

10 free credits
Prices vary by the settings and product
NightCafe Creator
Generate stunning AI images
50+ AI image styles offered
Work fast

4 free credits
AI beginner ($4.79/month): 100 credits
AI HOBBYIST ($7.99/month): 200 credits
AI ENTHUSIAST ($15.99/month): 500 credits
AI ARTIST ($39.99/month): 1400 credits
Generate high-quality photos of various styles
Exclusive “Community” service on Discord

No free credits
Basic Plan ($8
/month) for 200 generations
Standard Plan ($24
/month) for unlimited generations

Fotor AI Image Generator

fotor ai image generator homepage
Fotor ai concept art generator

Powerful AI image & art generator, Fotor offers everyone revolutionary access to create artwork.

AI photo editor, AI face generator, and AI design tool are available.

Try Free AI Generator Now

As an online photo editor with millions of users worldwide, Fotor also launched its AI image generator in the year of 2022. Since then, it has updated several times to offer the best service of AI image generation.

What makes Fotor AI image generator excellent is that it continually updates for providing the best AI generation experience for every user. It offers more and more popular AI styles to cater for various demands on generation.

It’s easy to use and it offers a clear interface that you can quickly understand how to generate images with its tools. And every generation costs 1 credit and takes less than 5 seconds, averagely.

Till now, in its “From Text” mode, there are two model versions to choose from. Generally, you can use the “M-1-Basic” to generate the stylized photos and illustrations, covering concept art, Japanese anime, cartoon, 3D, Disney, and more of the 15 styles.

As for the “M-2-Stable”, you can use it to generate higher-quality images with totally different 11 styles, including logos, pixel art, color manga, psychedelic, and much more.

Compared to other AI image generators, it provides the distinguishable mode called “From Image” to make it amazing. With such a mode, I can turn myself into the charming art, including anime, fashion cartoon, fairytale, and more.

Go beyond diverse models and styles, Fotor also offers customization tools to output the best quality, including the “Negative Prompts” and “Aspect Ratios”.

Negative Prompts is a very useful tool that can help you customize what you want exactly when generating AI images. In Fotor, you just need to type the prompts for what you want to avoid, and you can get the AI generated images without that elements.

Plus, Fotor also offers you advanced AI tools to elevate your AI generated images as needed. On the foreground of the image, there are shortcut to multiple tools, including AI expander, replacer, enlarger, and more. You can use them to add creativity to your AI photos!

🤩All in all, Fotor's AI phto generator is an excellent tool for all levels of users, espcially beginners, as it's super easy to use, and the whole process from entering prompts to get results only takes a very short time. 

Let’s see what Fotor AI image generator outputs:

Prompts: A beautiful girl, perfect face, leather jacket

Style: Cartoon


fotor ai generated image of cartoon style example
fotor ai generated image of cartoon style example


deepai image generator homepage

With DeepAI’s image generator, you can quickly finish your image generation. As you don’t have to log in to its tool. The platform offers a diverse selection of styles, each transforming the tool's interface to match your chosen aesthetic.

When you choose a style, the tool changes too.

There are 10 styles for you to use, with 8 available for free and the remaining 2 accessible through DeepAI Pro. It outputs high-quality images as expected, however, you need to pay for the “HD” version for enhanced resolution generation outputs.

Generally, it takes about 5-8 seconds to generate an image, which works fast. Moreover, it offers “Enhance” tool that will evolve the details based on the generated images.

🤩 Despite the annoying ads within the tool, DeepAI's image generator impresses with its speed and functionality. All the AI art hobbyists can give a try!

Let’s see what DeepAI image generator outputs:

Prompts: a vase of flowers

Style: Abstract Painting


a vase of flowers generated by deepai
ai generated abstract painting of a vase of flower in deepai


hotpot ai image generator

As a popular AI image generator, Hotpot.ai offers surprising image generation experiences for every user. First of all, you can use it directly without logging in and switching to another generation tool page. That can be an ideal AI image generation process for those who wants easy and neat AI tool.

It offers 8 styles for you to choose form, covering almost the very popular style. What makes it different from other AI generators is its “Icon Flat” style. It can be a very practical style, as you can use it to generate icons for social media or other visual designs.

Surprisingly, it provides with “Seed Image” services, which can ask its AI model to mimic the style, layout, color, and every detail of your uploaded image when generating. And even you can adjust the “Image Likeness” to avoid being accused of “plagiarism”.

Furthermore, it offers “AI Edit” tool for you to customize your AI generated images as needed, including AI resize, AI erase, AI enhance face, and more. All these tools available can take your AI images to the next level.

🤩 Hotpot.ai generator gives me pleasant AI generation experience, as it offers what I expect in a very short time and maintainning the high quality. All the AI art enthusiatics can give it try! 

Let’s see what Hotpot.ai image generator outputs:

Prompts: cute girl smiling, surrounded by flowers

Style: Illustration Palette 1


smiling girl surrounded by flowers generated in hotpotai
girl surrounded by sunflowers ai art generated in hotpot ai

NightCafe Creator

nightcafe creator studio image generator homepage

NightCafe Creator is an amazing AI photo generator that offers most styles for you to choose from. There are 50+ image styles you can use to generated your preferred image. Besides that, it generates best quality of images.

It not only generates what I describe, but also adds creativity to it, which will make your AI generation creative and artistic, especially its color and composition. It generates far beyond than just an image, it outputs art!

However, compared to other photo generators, it has a relatively complex interface. That does not affect it as an excellent image generator.

Still, you can customize before AI generations with its offerings, including Runtime, Aspect Ratios, and resolutions. After getting AI images, you can even duplicate, evolve, and enhance to get your most satisfied version.

🤩Despite the complex interface, where you may be a little bit confused about the tool, NightCafe Creator should be your choice when you desire a wide variety of styles, especially when you want to reveal your creativity. You can quickily get one-of-a-kind AI art with personal touch. 

Let’s see what NightCafe Creator image generator outputs:

Prompts: Three men in spacesuits tending to the flowers in a geodesic dome of atmosphere on the moon.

Style: CGI Character


three men in spacesuits tending to the flowers generated in nightcafe creator
ai generated image of three men in spacesuits tending to the flowers from nightcafe creator


midjourney ai image generator homepage

As a hot AI image generator, it really generates the high-quality images with various styles. And it offers comprehensive capabilities and extremely fast image generation. However, it can be confused enough for normal users to use, as it requires you to join Midjourney on Discord platform.

To generate images with Midjourney, you have to join his server and employ Discord bot commands to create images. But that’s easy, you can easily get started within minutes. If you are still confused, you can check its official user-guide for your generation.

🤩Anyhow, for most of beginners, it may be difficult and frustrated when generating images using such a confused AI tool. However, if you are an AI art enthusiast or artist, you can’t miss Midjourney, as you can find inspiration and communicates with other talented AI artists on the Midjourney Community.

Let’s see what Midjourney image generator outputs:

Prompts: Centered portrait of an ultra detailed Mechanical Cyberpunk Female Android, looking into the camera, intricate, elegant, super highly detailed, smooth, sharp focus, no blur, no dof, extreme illustration, Unreal

Style: Cyberpunk


cyberpunk female portrait generated in midjourney
ai generated cyberpunk female warrior


Whether you're a professional graphic designer or just a casual user who wants to have some fun generating images, there's an AI image generator out there for you. With so many options to choose from, it's easy to find the one that best suits your needs. We hope this list has helped you do just that!