30 Creative Cover Up Tattoo Ideas (Before & After)

Summary: Wondering how to cover up tattoos? You can find inspiration to cover your old faded tattoos with these creative cover up tattoo ideas.

30 cover up tattoo ideas

People get tattoos to represent their personalities, beliefs, and values, or to commemorate certain important moments or persons. However, as time goes by, the original tattoos blur and their colors fade away. People no longer like their tattoos due to the change in their aesthetics and taste.

But it’s hard to erase or remove a tattoo once it’s inked into someone’s body. But you can consider covering a new tattoo on it. In this blog, we’ve compiled 30 creative cover up tattoo ideas to help you easily cover up disliked tattoos. Let’s see together!

Things You Need to Know About Tattoo Cover Up

1. What Is Tattoo Cover Up?

Tattoo cover ups are tattoos over unwanted past tattoos, scars (especially those caused by surgery or self-harm), or symptoms of a skin condition. This is one of the two main methods of removing unwanted tattoos, the other method being laser removal. Generally speaking, covering up unwanted tattoos is cheaper, less painful, and overall easier to do than removing them.

2. How to Cover Up a Tattoo?

• Cover tattoos with clothes and accessories

• Use makeup products to cover tattoos

• Cover tattoos with other tattoos

30 Cover Up Tattoo Ideas You Should Try

Small Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

a small heart on woman's left arm
cover up a rose tattoo on the woman's left arm

There is a little heart tattoo on the woman’s right arm, and this can be covered up with a rose tattoo. The vintage rose pattern goes well with this woman's outfit and makes her look more charming.

a small tattoo on woman's right arm
cover up a sunflower tattoo on the woman's right arm

The tattoo on the woman’s arm is like an organ of the human body: the heart. It can be covered with a sunflower tattoo. The woman looks more beautiful with this new design.

Big Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

a big skull tattoo on leg
cover up a tiger tattoo on leg

You may dislike the big tattoo on your leg but removing it is painful. Look at this tattoo cover up. The tiger is large enough to completely cover your previous tattoo.

a continent tattoo on man's arm
cover up a lion tattoo on the man's arm

No longer like the tattoo on your arm? You can cover up it with a lion tattoo. Its color is similar to your skin color and it’s big enough to cover up the original one.

Cover Up Tattoo Ideas Female

For women, there are a wide variety of tattoo cover up ideas. They can choose to use flower tattoos like roses to hide the tattoos on their arms, use butterfly tattoos to cover up tattoos on their shoulders, or use leaf designs to conceal tattoos on their chest. These elements are from nature and can express the intrinsic beauty and charm of women.

a name tattoo on woman's arm
cover up a rose tattoo on woman's arm
a tattoo on shoulder
cover up a butterfly tattoo on shoulder
cat tattoo on woman chest
cover up a leaf tattoo on woman chest

Cover Up Tattoo Ideas Male

Men can use animal tattoos like wolves, tigers, and lions to cover up their original tattoos. These wild animals can show men’s power and make them look more appealing.

cover up a wolf tattoo on mans arm
a portrait tattoo on mans arm
cover up a tiger tattoo on mans arm
a tattoo on mans upper back
add a lion tattoo to mans upper back

Wrist Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

There is a letter tattoo on the man’s wrist. The tattoo artist incorporates creative designs into the new tattoo. A vintage mirror is decorated with a red blossoming rose. In the mirror is a landscape.

name tattoo on mans wrist
a mirror and rose tattoo on mans wrist

Lower Back Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

A butterfly is spreading its wings and flying on the woman’s lower back. But if you no longer like the dark color, you can consider adding a new tattoo cover up with a bright color like red.

a butterfly tattoo on woman's lower back
a rose tattoo on woman's lower back

Forearm Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

You got your ex's name tattooed on your forearm. But later you broke up and don’t want this tattoo anymore. No need to remove it, you can cover up it with a long branch tattoo. Its size is proper and it looks good.

name tattoo on woman's forearm
branches tattoo on woman's forearm

Finger Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

There once was a lotus petals tattoo on the fingertip, but if you dislike its pattern now, you can do as follows: use a small clock tattoo to cover up it. This design is interesting and cute, right?

lotus petals tattoo on the fingertip
a vintage clock tattoo on the fingertip

Neck Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Similarly, the original thunder tattoo is large and you can use extended leaves to cover up it. The size is proper enough and the design is aesthetic.

thunder tattoo on neck
cover up a branch tattoo on neck

Chest Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

Look at this tattoo cover up example, the original name tattoo on the man's chest is covered by a leaf. Its complicated texture and dark color make the man more charming and sexy.

a leaf tattoo on mans chest

Upper Back Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Look at this picture, the text tattoo on the woman’s upper back is vertical. So the tattoo artist uses a sword-shaped tattoo to cover up it. Also, there is a vintage clock in the middle of the sword, making this design more creative and mysterious.

text tattoo on womans upper back
a clock and sword tattoo on womans upper back

Ankle Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

The original tattoo on the ankle is big, so here the tattoo artist uses intricate flower patterns to replace it.

tattoo on ankle
flower tattoo on ankle

Shoulder Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

The original tattoos on the woman’s shoulders are small, so you can consider a small crown tattoo cover up. You can first generate your wanted crown design, and then tell the tattoo artist your idea.

two small tattoos on womans shoulder
crown tattoo generated by fotor ai

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

When you’re young, you may tattoo your mate’s name on your body. But then you broke up due to certain reasons, and there is no need to keep this tattoo. Then you can cover up it with a new tattoo. Like this, the original tattoo is covered up with a green leaf tattoo.

name tattoo on shoulder
a leaf tattoo on shoulder

Flower Tattoo Cover Up

Flower tattoo cover ups are the most common and suitable for all body parts and tattoo sizes. Most often we cover the original tattoo with a rose or a sunflower. The blooming flowers symbolize new life and a new start.

a wrist tattoo
cover up a rose tattoo on wrist
name tattoo on mans arm
a sunflower tattoo on mans arm

Star Tattoo Cover Up

The bright stars in the night sky mean hope and luminosity. So when we feel upset and confused, we can get star tattoo cover ups on our bodies. And the good luck is on its way.

name tattoo
a star tattoo

Heart Tattoo Cover Up

Look at this picture, the tattoo artist uses a heart-shaped design to cover up the tattoo behind the ear. It’s not just a simple heart. A small heart is surrounded by a big heart with intricate and aesthetic patterns.

a paper airplane tattoo behind ear
a heart tattoo behind ear

Butterfly Tattoo Cover Up

You can use butterflies with different colors and styles to cover up your unwanted tattoos. They are big enough and visually appealing as well.

the shadow of arm
cover up butterfly tattoo on arm

Landscape Tattoo Cover Up

For some long and vertical tattoos, in addition to a leaf tattoo, you can also use a landscape tattoo to cover it. It’s big enough and adds an artistic touch to your tattoo design.

a landscape tattoo on arm

Bird Cover Up Tattoo

For tattoos on your back or behind your ear, you can consider using bird tattoo cover ups to conceal them. The bright color and beautiful feathers of birds can make you look pretty charming.

bird tattoo on back

Portrait Tattoo Cover Up

Portrait tattoo is also a great option when covering up big tattoos on your body. The dark color and delicate brushstrokes can help your new tattoo design stand out.

portrait tattoo on arm

Wings Tattoo Cover Up

For tattoos on the upper back, you can use wings tattoos to hide them. It seems like a pair of wings have extended from your arm and you can fly.

wings tattoo on arm

Feather Tattoo Cover Up

Look at this tattoo cover up example, no matter what part of your body the original tattoo is on, you can cover it with a feather tattoo!

feather tattoos

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create a butterfly tattoo with fotor ai image generator

Final Thoughts

People’s tastes may change a lot as time goes by. Those tattoo designs they once favored may be disliked now. Luckily, there is a better way than removing it, which is to hide the old tattoos with a new tattoo cover up.

In this blog, we’ve collected the best 30 cover up tattoo ideas for both men and women. Before getting a true tattoo, you can first generate your dreamy design with an AI tattoo generator. This can save you time and help you make wiser decisions.