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Free, Printable Baby Shower Invitation

Sending elegant baby shower invitation cards to your loved ones within four to six weeks of your delivery date is perfect to gather well-wishers and beautiful faces to your baby shower. Your guests immediately become exclusive after receiving the glamorous baby shower invitation, and you also have the chance of getting more gifts for your baby and yourself. To have more cute people in your baby shower, you need an attractive and well-detailed invitation card to spruce up the tone of your upcoming baby shower. An unattractive invitation for a baby shower makes people forget your invitation somewhere around the house and probably be absent. But when you have an elegant invitation, the date is embedded in your guests' hearts.

Fotor is an online baby shower invitation maker with thousands of baby shower invitation templates. Besides, there are rich stickers and vectors, backgrounds, and stocked images. Choose one template you favorite, change the background, replace photos, and add stickers and text. Then, you can finish your unique baby shower invitation design in just a few minutes. Choosing Fotor's baby shower invitation templates exposes you to the following benefits:

  • Unlimited designs: There are unlimited elegant, stylish, and fabulous baby shower invitation templates on the Fotor platform. Our templates incorporate attractive wordings and elegant-looking images and colors, making your invitees immediately exclusive after receiving your baby shower invitation.
  • Free: Hundreds of baby shower invitations templates are provided. Moreover, abundant design elements, such as stickers, fonts, images, and so on, are available for you to use online. With just a few clicks, you can do designing your baby shower invitation card for free.
  • Editable: As an easy-to-use baby shower invitation maker, Fotor's all elements on the template are editable. By dragging and dropping, you can change them as you like. Easy to edit without any external help from a graphics expert.
  • Printable: Fotor's baby shower invitation maker is available in different formats such as JPG, PNG, and PDF, giving you a crisp look when printed on any printable surface.
  • Unique: Our baby shower invitation card templates are designed by professional designers with rich experience. Each template has a unique layout and glamorous look. Besides, you also can inspire your unique baby shower invitation ideas to design an invitation for a baby shower.
  • Transferable: Fotor does not only give you the opportunity of editing templates on its online platform but also allows its platform users to save the edited baby shower invitation cards for later use and share them on their social media.

Various Themes of Baby Shower Invitations

There are countless baby shower invitation themes on Fotor's site to use for your upcoming baby shower. The following are some of the baby shower invitation themes you can find in Fotor:

1. Gender reveal invitation

Gender reveal baby shower can be casual or extravagant, making the invitees get first-class news of your baby's gender. Gender reveal is usually fun for the parents and invitees with lots of games and surprises. To spruce up the tone, create a vibrant and unique gender reveal invitation on Fotor to have a cohesive and creative baby shower.

2. Baby sprinkle invitation

A baby sprinkle is also a small baby shower. It is a type of baby shower for a family's second child. It can also be done for any number of children in a family. People often refer to it as a baby sprinkle baby shower because the expected baby is sprinkled with little gifts as there is leftover gear from the first child. Being the second child doesn’t mean that baby sprinkle shouldn't be planned well. Glam and elegant baby sprinkle invitation templates on Fotor’s site start the great vibe.

3. Baby girl shower invitation

Revealing your expected baby's sex as a girl helps close family and friends plan your baby shower with a feminine vibe and crisp color such as pink. Check the best baby girl invitation templates in Fotor and use the best template ideas for your upcoming baby girl shower invitation.

4. Baby boy shower invitation

If your little king is on his way, then the welcoming party with a bluish theme is worth celebrating. Start with Fotor’s baby boy invitation template with a lively mix of fonts and artistic designs, and send it to your friends and relations inviting them to your baby boy's shower party.

The Best Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Having the proper wording in your baby shower invitation sets the right tone for your upcoming baby shower. The following are cute tips on wording to include in your baby shower invitation card:

  1. Oh, baby! Please celebrate with us on (date) to honor our mom-to-be's growing family.
  2. There's a new baby in the works. Come celebrate at the construction site!
  3. With two on the way, let's get ready to play! Please celebrate with us on (date) to honor (parent's name)'s new arrivals with a fun-filled bash.
  4. Our precious little prince is on his way.
  5. A precious princess is about to make her grand entry! Join in the showering before she arrives.

What to Write On Baby Shower Invitation

A baby shower invitation message must be cute, elegant, clear, and informative. Here are what to write on your baby shower invitation before sending it out to your loved ones:

  • Type of baby shower.
  • Name of mom-to-be.
  • Date, time, and venue.
  • Name of hosts (if not the parents to be).
  • RSVP details.

You can probably add the following if needed:

  • Registry details.
  • Dress code.
  • Baby shower theme.
  • Refreshment information
  • Requirements from guests (gifts, children's presence).

How to Make a Baby Shower Invitation?

There are various ways of making elegant, cute, and informative baby shower invitation cards. And one of the best places to make free online printable invitations is Fotor. Fotor has free baby shower invitation templates, thousands of graphic elements, and easy-to-use design tools. Here are the steps to make your own free online invitations for a baby shower without any graphics skills:

  1. Open Fotor and click the "Create a Design" feature in the center of your screen, then select the "invitation" layout.
  2. Choose any of our elegant and free printable baby shower invitation templates, drag and drop your photos onto the template, or design your invitation from scratch.
  3. Fill out your event details accurately in the invitation template.
  4. Manage overlays, backgrounds, and text to maximize your desired design.
  5. If desired, preview, select your format and size and save your invitation.
  6. Share your completed baby shower invitation with your invited family and friends online, or print it out to send.