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Making a striking bridal shower invitation in minutes with Fotor’s online invitation maker. Massive stunning bridal shower invitation templates allow even novices to get started with their own bridal party invitation design.

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Create High-Quality Bridal Party Invitation in a Snap

For brides with no design experience, creating satisfactory bridal shower invitations can be time-consuming and laborious, even if you can pay for a designer. Fortunately, Fotor's online invitation maker has a newbie-friendly drag-and-drop tool and plenty of bridal shower templates.

All you need to do is drag and drop your photo onto a favorite template and tweak the details to suit your taste. With those few simple steps, you'll have a fabulous and unique bridal shower invitation!

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Enrich Your Personalized Bridal Shower Invitations With Customization

Fotor's online invitation maker can meet all kinds of personalization needs for bridal shower invitations. All parts of the template can be customized. If you are unsatisfied with some elements of the bridal shower template, you can easily adjust the font, color, or other settings until you are satisfied. Fotor also has a rich library of design resources available for you to use for free.

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Print Bridal Shower Invitations for Formal Invitation

In addition to sending invitations online, many people still use paper invitations for a sense of ceremony and to keep as souvenirs. Fotor’s invitation maker supports downloading various file types, including high-resolution PNG and high-resolution PDF files and primary JPG and PNG formats. Download and print out your bridal shower invitation for your friends and loved ones, and they will be delighted to receive the fabulous invitation!

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More Than Just Bridal Shower Invites

In addition to bridal shower invitations, Fotor also offers solutions for other wedding photo design needs, saving you from large professional design fees. You can create unique wedding invitations, wedding cards, wedding programs, and other full-category wedding designs. Explore more ideas for bridal shower invitations at Fotor.

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Make bridal shower invitation in fotor

How to Make Bridal Shower Invitation?

  • Click “Make Bridal Shower Invitation” button to get started.
  • Find the “Templates” in the left dashboard, and choose the "Invitation" layout. Search the keywords "Bridal Shower" and you can see lots of bridal shower templates there.
  • Choose one template you like. Manage the colors, size, rotation, and transparency of the templates as needed.
  • Preview and download your final bridal shower invitation.
Make Bridal Shower Invitation

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