Top 20+ Halloween iPhone Wallpaper Ideas in 2024

Summary: This blog covers the top 20+ Halloween iPhone wallpaper ideas in 2024. Give your iPhone a scary makeover this Halloween with these ideas.

20+ halloween wallpaper ideas

Halloween, the most exciting festival of the year, is coming. You must be thinking of an eye-catching Halloween costume to win admiration on Halloween night. But why not give your iPhone a new look with our selection of Halloween wallpapers?

We’ve gathered 20+ top Halloween iPhone wallpaper ideas, varying from cute cartoon designs to spooky skulls and wicked pumpkins. You can either apply a variety of Halloween iPhone wallpapers or DIY your unique and elaborate wallpapers on your iPhone with Fotor.

A wide collection of Halloween iPhone wallpaper templates and Halloween backgrounds are offered below. Let’s have a look now!

Cute Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

Cute Halloween iPhone wallpapers use cartoon characters as the main part. This collection of wallpapers gives a cute touch to scary Halloween characters, like ghosts, skeletons, and pumpkins. And they can awaken our beautiful memories of childhood.

purple background, there are many ghosts, bats, and spiders, pumpkins on this wallpaper

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There are many characters on this wallpaper: ghosts, pumpkins, bats, and spiders. They all float in the air. But cartoon looks make them adorable.

There are many skulls, pumpkins, and bats on this wallpaper

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The pumpkins, skulls, and bats in pink, orange, and yellow are very cute, right? The light yellow background creates a warm vibe to this wallpaper.

a black background, and there is a ghost on this wallpaper

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Look, the black ghost is cheering you up. A smiling expression and cheerful text make this wallpaper pretty cute.

an orange background, and there is a ghost on this wallpaper

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The skeleton man in a black cloak is trying to terrify you. But you’ll never want to slip away as he is so lovely.

Vintage Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

Do you prefer a nostalgic style? You can give your iPhone a vintage makeover with the Halloween iPhone wallpapers below.

Mushrooms, leaves, pumpkins, and ghosts with emojis make up this wallpaper. The orange background color gives a warm feeling.

the densely packed pumpkins, skulls, and bones make up this wallpaper

The densely packed pumpkins, skulls, and bones make this Halloween iPhone wallpaper visually spooky. But the color matching and the painting techniques make it vintage and weird.

Spooky Halloween Wallpaper iPhone

Want to give yourself a shock every time you pull your iPhone out of your pocket? We’ve picked some spooky Halloween iPhone wallpapers for your horrific pleasure below.

there is a black skull on this wallpaper

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This spooky iPhone wallpaper uses a classic Halloween character: a black skull. The horrible words uttered by him make this wallpaper particularly creepy.

a woman wears a skeleton mask

Imagine a woman wearing a medieval retro dress looking at you through the skull in her hand. It terrifies you a lot, right?

there is a lighted pumpkin on the desk

Have you ever thought of using a pumpkin to light up the whole room? Just put candles in the pumpkin. And the faint yellow light creates a spooky vibe.

a ghost stands on a bus

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A black ghost standing on a deserted bus is staring at you. The caption on this spooky iPhone wallpaper is just like the devil’s whisper. You must be scared.

a skull is on the desk

A skull is put on the shabby books. The red wine next to the skull is just like blood. This must be your great spooky Halloween iPhone wallpaper.

a witch holds a pumpkin

In this wallpaper, a witch is holding a pumpkin, pretending to kiss it. The bats flying around her make this wallpaper weird.

a wicked pumpkin is on the desk

Pay attention, the wicked pumpkin is looking at you with its empty eyes. The spiders crawling out from its mouth make it one of the spooky Halloween wallpapers for iPhone.

Cool iPhone Halloween Wallpaper

If you prefer cool Halloween iPhone wallpapers, here we have provided some for your needs. Lead the fashion among your friends with the cool Halloween wallpapers below.

a witch is in the fog

Look here, a witch is approaching you from the fog. The dim environment makes her unclear expression much more weird. Her slightly raised chin indicates that she is an arrogant powerful woman.

a female vampire holds a pumpkin

The emotionless eyes of the elegant woman indicate that she despises anything.

Funny iPhone Halloween Wallpaper

Do you want to feel happy every time you take your phone out of your bag and unlock it? Here we have listed some funny Halloween iPhone wallpapers. Bring a good mood to everyone who sees your phone screen.

a purple background, and there is a ghost on the wallpaper

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The questionable expression of the pumpkin is amusing, right? It’s funny that his skinny body is extremely uncoordinated with his heavy head.

a pumpkin with emoji

Add an evil emoji to the pumpkin on the desk. Make the pumpkin alive, I’m sure this will amuse the people who see it.

a smiling pumpkin

The pumpkin on the phone screen is smiling. It’s a little bit funny, isn’t it?

a man holds a pumpkin

The man in a blue hoodie is holding a pumpkin in his hand. The scared expression on his face is the same as the pumpkin’s. A hint of fun in the weirdness, right?

Creative iPhone Halloween Wallpaper

Are you looking for a creative Halloween iPhone wallpaper to stand out from your friends? You’ve got to the right place. Below are some creative Halloween wallpapers for iPhone. Give your phone a new look in a more creative way.

pumpkin juice in the bottle

The pumpkin juice in the glass, along with its wicked expression, has transformed the pumpkin into another kind. This is a creative iPhone Halloween wallpaper.

cookies with creepy designs

Look here, there are a range of weird expressions painted on the pumpkins, ghosts, and skull-shaped cookies. It seems that these cookies can talk and scream. Give your iPhone a novel makeover with this creative Halloween wallpaper.

cakes with ghost designs

In this wallpaper, there are many cupcakes on the desk. The decorations on them are all the Halloween elements: pumpkins and ghosts. Don’t you think the ghost-shaped cream is funny and creative?

Simple Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

Sometimes, simple is the best. If you prefer a simple design, you can use the Halloween wallpapers below to give your iPhone a minimalist outlook.

a pink background, and there is a ghost in the cup

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This is a cartoon wallpaper. The ghost is escaping from the cup, it’s interesting, right? With a simple design, this can be your good choice.

there are a group of pumpkins on the desk

Several pumpkins are put together on the desk. This is a simple iPhone Halloween wallpaper. The caption “Happy Halloween” indicates the theme.

Create Your Unique Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

Fotor halloween iphone wallpaper

Use Fotor's mobile wallpaper maker to create your unique Halloween wallpapers for iPhone with just a few clicks.

Create Halloween Wallpaper Now

Have you spent a lot of time looking for the best Halloween iPhone wallpapers but failed to find anything you liked? Why not try making unique and creative wallpapers on your own?

Fotor’s online phone wallpaper maker can customize your iPhone wallpapers with just a few clicks. Just start with the wallpaper templates that satisfy your needs, and make some adjustments if necessary. Plus, Fotor provides a wide range of personalized options and resources, and you can customize every part of the wallpaper to suit your taste.

there is a pumpkin outside the window
a purple color halloween wallpaper with cute ghosts, pumpkins. and bats
an orange cartoon simple design halloween wallpaper
a red moon and a wolf on a halloween dark night
a dark halloween night wallpaper
pink halloween cute ghosts

Here’s how to create your Halloween iPhone wallpaper with Fotor:

1. Go for Fotor website: Click “Create a design” to enter the design page.

2. Select the “Templates” option, and type “Halloween” in the search bar. Then you can see a wide collection of Halloween mobile wallpapers. Choose one you like and apply it. Pay attention here: you can click on the “Resize” option to adjust the template size to fit your iPhone screen.

3. And then you can do personalized customization on the template. Fotor’s mobile wallpaper maker provides a rich library of Halloween stickers. In addition, there are a variety of Halloween fonts to choose from. You can adjust every aspect of the wallpaper to make it unique and visually captivating.

use fotor to add halloween stickers to phone wallpaper

4. Once you’ve finished the customization, click on the “download” button to save your new Halloween iPhone wallpaper on your computer. You can choose either a high-quality JPG or PNG format.


In this article, we provided the various types of best Halloween iPhone wallpapers of 2024, including cute, vintage, spooky, cool, funny, creative, and simple styles. Just apply the wallpapers we picked to give your iPhone a new look this Halloween.

If you prefer homemade wallpapers, you can use Fotor’s mobile wallpaper maker to create your unique Halloween iPhone wallpaper online for free. Hope this blog can be helpful to your wallpaper selection.