23 Best Clown Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2024

Summary: In this blog, weve picked 23 best clown makeup ideas for Halloween in 2024. Give yourself a cute or scary clown look this Halloween.

23 best clown makeup ideas for halloween 2023

Want to dress up as a clown this Halloween, but not come up with the perfect makeup ideas yet? You’ve got the right place. In this post, we’ve found 23 best clown makeup ideas for Halloween this year.

There are famous movie clowns, traditional scary clowns, and even cute and pretty clowns. With a wide variety of clown makeup ideas to choose from, you can give yourself different looks.

Now let’s have a look at these clown makeup ideas. Try to find the one you like best.

23 Clown Makeup Ideas for Halloween

1. IT Makeup (Pennywise)

a cartoon man in pennywise clown makeup

Pennywise is a scary clown in the horror film IT. This makeup idea was inspired by Pennywise with whiteface, bright eyes, and red makeup. It’s easy to imitate and applicable to all Halloween parties.

2. Woman Clown Makeup

a cartoon woman clown makeup

For woman clown makeup, I’m sure Harley Quinn is your best choice. Just draw a blue eye shadow on your left eye, and draw a pink eye shadow on your right eye. It’s pretty, right? Remember to add a little red heart on your right cheek. You’ll definitely be the sweetest girl this Halloween.

3. Joker Makeup

a man in joker makeup

Try this exaggerated makeup of Joker, a famous horror movie character. A white face, with red painting on eyebrows, nose, and lips. Remember, use blue eyeshadow to make a contrast.

4. Cute Clown Makeup

a clown in cute makeup

Do you prefer cute clown makeup while others choose a scary style? You can paint pink, green, or purple color on your eyes and lips. Plus, you can decorate some cute elements, like hearts. Don’t forget to paint your nose in red and exaggerate the makeup on your lips.

5. Clown Face Paint Makeup

a clown in face paint makeup

You can free-play with this makeup. Just unleash your creativity. Use the color you like and paint on your face. The eyes, nose, and lips should be your highlight parts. Use red or other bright colors to stand them out.

6. Easy Clown Makeup

a girl in easy clown makeup

This clown makeup doesn’t need a base makeup. Glitter eyebrows and hearts on the cheek make this easy but fancy clown makeup.

7. Happy Clown Makeup

a clown in happy makeup is smiling

Use classic red and white clown makeup color to paint on your face. Remember, the pith of happy clown makeup is that you need to smile.

8. Killer Clown Makeup

a man in killer clown makeup

It’s easy to put on killer clown makeup. Paint black color around your eyes and red color on your lips. Remember to draw black lines around your lips to create a weird vibe.

9. Pretty Clown Makeup

a girl in pretty clown makeup

If you don’t want to look ugly with a clown makeup. You can try our pretty clown makeup idea here. Just paint pink eyeshadow on your eyes, along with glitter around your lips. Your lips looks more sexy with this pretty clown makeup.

10. Traditional Clown Makeup

a man in traditional clown makeup

Normally, the traditional clown makeup refers to a whiteface clown. He has a normal-sized mouth, painted nose, and eyebrows. To copy this, you need a lot of white paint to cover the entire face and use red paint to create the exaggerated mouth and nose.

11. Circus Makeup

there is a circus clown

When we talk about clowns, it’s easy to think of the circus, right? The circus clown makeup is easy to copy, too. First, use white paint to cover the entire face, then use red or blue paint on the other parts of your face. Of course, you need a large size nose.

12. Classic Clown Makeup

a woman in classic clown makeup

A white face and a red big nose make up the classic clown makeup. Plus, draw lines around your mouth and paint blue or red eyeshadow on your eyes to look jesting.

13. Scary Clown Halloween Makeup

a scary clown makeup for halloween

This scary clown Halloween makeup is simple and funny. You just need a lot of glitter and red, and black makeup for eyes and lips.

14. Sexy Clown Makeup

a woman in sexy clown makeup

Sexy clown makeup needs different designs. Draw four triangle-shaped eyeshadows in black or red around your eyes. A little red heart on your nose is creative and can make you look sexy. Slightly extend your lip by drawing lines.

15. Clown Eye Makeup

red and black eyeshadows are painted on the eyes

The clown eye makeup puts much emphasis on your eyes. You can apply two colors: red and black to highlight the sense of layering of your eyes.

16. Gangster Clown Makeup

a woman in gangster clown makeup

For gangster clown makeup, you need to paint many lines on your face and highlight your eyes and lips. A dark red lip can make you look scary.

17. Colorful Clown Makeup

a woman in colorful clown makeup

If you think one color is too monotonous, you can try our colorful clown makeup idea. Paint every color you like on your face to have a visually-catching look.

18. Fun Clown Makeup

it's a fun clown makeup

You can dress up as a circus clown, as his makeup is funny. You need a big red nose, and besides, remember to use bright colors like red, blue, and yellow to paint on your eyes and mouth.

19. Cool Clown Makeup

it's a cool clown makeup

Look at the cool clown makeup here, there are many curved black lines on the face. Plus, you can draw a fake mouth with sharp teeth on your face to look spooky.

20. Gothic clown makeup

a woman in gothic clown makeup

A gothic clown makeup is easy to copy. Just use a single color: black to paint on your eyes, face, and nose.

21. Pink Clown Makeup

a woman in pink clown makeup

Just as the theme of this clown makeup idea, you just need to paint pink on your eyes, nose, lips, and even your cheek.

22. Black and White Clown Makeup

it's a black and white clown makeup

A white-painted face with black color painted on the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth compose this black and white clown makeup.

23. Bloody clown makeup

it's a bloody clown makeup

Blood is often associated with the red color. To put on bloody clown makeup, you need to paint red on your eyes, nose, and mouth.

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In this article, we have put forward 23 best clown makeup ideas for Halloween this year. Get inspiration from these ideas and create a visually stunning clown makeup on your own. Plus, you can choose Fotor’s clown filters to virtually put on different styles of clown makeup in seconds. Thanks for your reading!