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Fotor’s free ad maker is here to promote your business. Easy to make an ad online and post it anywhere possible for marketing!

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Various advertisement templates from Fotor

Start with Free Advertisement Templates

Looking for free ad templates all around? Luckily, your creativity won’t be limited by your tight budget because you can design free ads with Fotor’s free ad creator. Within Fotor, there are loads of well-made free ad templates. You are free to apply any size of the template, such as an Instagram ad, Facebook ad medium, Facebook app ad, large and medium rectangle, leaderboard, and more. Start to make ads with Fotor now!

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Edit Fotor ad template with own contents

Get Your Ad Designs Made Easy

If you can't get started with ad design, why not try Fotor's ad maker? With Fotor's ad generator, everyone can handle print ad design as skillfully as a professional ad designer. Drag in your pre-shot product image to the picture spot on the ad template you choose, then enter your ad title and discount campaign text content or taglines. With the help of Fotor’s ads builder, ad-making is a piece of cake!

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Customize ad template in Fotor

Make Bespoke Advertisements Free to Fits Your Need

The endless stream of advertisements has made the chances of successful advertising campaigns less and less these days. But that's okay, Fotor's ad creator can make yours stand out from the rest. In addition to free advertisement templates, Fotor calls on you to give full play to your artistic creativity based on the design tools we offer.

Once you have replaced the template with your content, you are allowed to custom ads by using our filters to make your photos more compatible with the theme. Furthermore, prominent ad titles and product descriptions can be bolded or changed in size and color using our text editor. Not only that, adding your brand logo where needed is also an option to promote your ads design.

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Ad templates for social media channels

Promote Business on Social Media Using Ads Builder

The boom of social media has led to a new dimension of advertising for brands. Every Facebook or Instagram user is a potential customer of yours. Right now it's time to get your ads embedded into the stream. But note that each social platform requires a different ad size. Fortunately, Fotor's advertisement maker has taken it into full consideration. You can easily design and share your Instagram or Facebook ads to get more advice by simply popping into Fotor’s online free ad builder.

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An ad on the web page banner

Make the Best of Catchy Banner with Ad Creator

The banner holds the most significant position on a page, and everyone glances at the content on the banner. You can create ads to display your seasonal releases on the banner. It happens that you can find free advertisement templates for banner sizes in Fotor’s online free ad generator. You can also keep our banner ad sizes and start creating free ads on a blank canvas. Fotor diversifies your ad-making options.

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An ad on left part of the web page

Unlimited Access to Free Advertising 

The chase for effective advertising requires that your ads be placed everywhere possible. Fotor's ad creator is dedicated to giving you more ideas on ad sizes and placements. In Fotor, you can find alternative ways to stand out from the rest of the advertisement pages. Your brand's display ads will have unlimited access to your target group with Fotor's online free ad builder.

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Enjoy Advertising Design Even on the Go

Fotor's best ad maker is also available on mobile phones. You can easily get free ad templates on any portable device. With the pocket ad creator app, you can make your own ads anytime and anywhere for free. The only thing you need is to download it and log in to create ads for free easily.

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How to Make Advertisements?

  • Click on the “Make Ads for Free” button to get started.
  • Click “Templates” and search for the free advertisement template, browse and choose one you like, or you can also start with a blank canvas to create ads for free.
  • Drag and drop your product images and type your headlines and descriptions on the template.
  • Customize your ads with free design tools in Fotor’s ad creator, such as adding filters to photos, bolding or changing text fonts and colors, adding your brand logo or icons, and more.
  • Download your free ads with high resolution.
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More Than Just An Online Ad Maker

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