The User Guide of Fotor's Mac

Fotor has launched Fotor 2.0 version, including a new feature - Graphic Design. The best FREE photo editing suite and graphic design tools for you! Entering Fotor, you can experience professional features like Design, Edit, Collage, Touch Up, HDR and Batch. Now follow our steps to enjoy Fotor’s new journey.

Desktop 设计

Graphic Design - Create Designs for Personal and Business Use

Fotor offers more than 80+ graphic design dimensions which cover all your design needs. For personal use, Fotor will help you make beautiful graphic designs like YouTube channel art, Instagram story, or Facebook post to attract more followers.

Moreover, it is very helpful for business-boosting such as making business cards, poster, flyer, logo, presentations, etc. With Fotor, you can make a business card and share it with other people easily and quickly. Create the company's logo and boost the company brand. Share your information like business and promotion through poster or flyer, boosting your sales for each chance.


Photo Editing - Beautifying Your Image in Seconds

Desktop 一键增强

Photo Editing Function - Edit Your Image in a Professional Way

Desktop 曲线

Photo Editing Function - Flexible Text Editing Tool

Desktop 文字

Photo Collage - Make Collages in Different Modes

Desktop 拼图
Desktop 祛皱

Touch Up - Portrait Beauty Quickly

Portrait beauty is necessary when girls share their posts online. Do not miss the functions like removing the wrinkle, reshaping the body and face, showing the best with your friends and families.

Desktop 去红眼

Touch Up - Red-Eye Removing

You had the perfect pose and everything to make your shot the best, but then you find yourself with GLOWING red eyes! Fotor's Red Eye Remover can help you out! Coffee and tea-stained teeth ruining your photos? You will always have a luminescent smile with Fotor's Teeth Whitening feature!


HDR - Create Perfect Photos with HDR Software

Desktop hdr
Desktop 批处理

Batch Processing

Let you edit many images in minutes with Fotor’s batch process feature. Upload your files into the canvas, then choose what you want to edit. If you want to change their size, name, and format, just click the “Setting”. Or you can click the “Effect”, “Scenes”, and “Borders” to change what you would like to apply to your photos.