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Fotor's Free Logo Design Templates

No matter companies or brands, an impressable logo is important. It not only helps people recognize and remember the brand but also brings business effects. However, designing a logo suitable for your brand is not easy. You need to communicate with designers many times, helping them learn your corporate culture and logo meaning wanted to express. That will waste much time and energy.

Fotor's free logo maker is your right choice at this time. Don't need to pay the designer or repeat communication. You can complete your logo design by yourself. We have an intuitive interface, easy-to-use graphic design tools, and rich icons and fonts. With it, you'll be delighted how much fun and easy it is to make a logo.

Don't worry no design experience or ideas. Fotor provides 300+ free logo design templates to inspire your thoughts, such as cake logo templates, circle logo templates, free after effects logo templates, and so on. No matter what industry you are in, you can find pre-set logo samples that meet your needs.

Browse those well-designed logo templates and choose one to customize. Easily insert your own business name, change the logo color and fonts, and add icons and stickers. The most important is that all your adjustments need to match your business image. The logo design can not be arbitrarily imaged and designed. It should blend your products, company culture, and development vision so that people can connect it to your business and brand once see it.

Preview your design when you complete it. If there are no other changes, please click the "Download" button and choose the PNG format to save your logo on a transparent background. At the same time, it will be stocked in our Cloud space, so you can use it at any time when you open the Fotor. Whatsmore, our brand kit function allows you to use it in other marketing designs, such as presentations, business cards, brochures, coupons, and so on.

Don't be afraid that the saved logo document disappear. Just use Fotor's free logo maker online, you can solve all the design problems.

Various Themes of Logo

Fotor's is a free online logo maker, providing various logo designs for different industries and occasions. Whether you want to design a logo for your brick-and-mortar store or an impressive logo for your streaming channel, you can find one suitable for you in our logo templates center.

  • Beauty logo

The beauty logo is designed for beauty businesses and is very important for your business development. It helps people remember your products and services, and let people choose yours when meeting next time. Whether you are a skincare company owner, haircut salon owner, or cosmetic retailer, you can create a glamorous beauty logo in minutes with our pre-design beauty logo templates.

  • Farm logo

Use a figurative and representative farm logo to catch users' attention and promote your agriculture products. The symbol of the farm logo can consist of vegetables, fruits, crops, and farm animals, and the best choice of colors is green, brown, and golden. All emphasize that your farm's products are good and healthy.

  • Real estate logo

A memorable real estate logo design is a necessity for the real estate industry, which can make a lasting impression on buyers. Typical elements such as a rooftop can't evoke the viewer's emotional response. So, for real estate companies, using our well-design real estate logo templates and rich graphic elements to create an outstanding real estate logo has fast become one of the main ways to win.

  • Fashion logo

The fashion industry is always at the forefront. Their logos are simple and unique designs and can show the culture, history, geography, heritage, and economic well-being of countries. The apparel symbols of the fashion logo include shoe logos, clothing, handbags, wallets, hats, dresses, hair logos, and so on. Fotor's fashion logo maker provides all those symbols and stickers. With them and our easy tools, you can create stunning fashion logos quickly.

  • Car wash logo

The Car wash logo represents your brand, helps people remember you, and provides insight into your services. Fotor's car wash logo templates are designed for touchless car wash services, manual car wash services, and self-service car cleaning centers. Using a professional car wash logo can strengthen your brand presence.

How to Make a Logo Design?

  1. Open Fotor's template center, browse all the logo templates and choose the one you favor to get started.
  2. Enter the design interface, and adjust the elements on the template. Change color, replace fonts, and add text. Moreover, you can drag and drop the positions and sizes of those elements to adjust the layout.
  3. When your logo design is complete, preview and save. We provide various save formats, such as JPG, PNG, PDF, and so on. Besides, click the ''Share" button, and you can share it on your social media or send it to your friends via email.