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Charity Auction Flyer Template
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Blue Film Critiques Flyer Template
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Black Countdown Party Flyer Template
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Blue Gym Sales Flyer Template
Rock Music Festival Flyer Template
Red Rock Festival Flyer Template
Simple Christmas Flyer Template
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Father's Day Sale Flyer Template
Red Rock Roll Flyer Template
White Flower Valentine Day Flyer Template
Winter Exhibition Flyer Template
Simple Merry Christmas Flyer Template
Architecture Real Estate Agency Flyer Template
Black And White Restaurant Sales Flyer Template
Save The Arctic Flyer Template
Cyber Bullying Flyer Template
Black And White Music Day Flyer Template
Harvest farm market Flyer Template
Anti-Drug Seminar Flyer Template
Medicine Seminar Flyer Template
Blue Lobster Sea Food Restaurant Flyer Template
End Child Poverty Flyer Template
Adoption Weekend Flyer Template
Music Festival Performance Flyer Template
Cool Winter City Expo Flyer Template
Special Christmas Flyer Template
White Pink Black Friday Flyer Template
Grand Opening Flyer Template
Business Management Seminar Flyer Template
Summer Sales Lemon Flyer Template
Cleaning Service Flyer Template
Blue Make Waves Flyer Template
Harvest Bazaar Flyer Template

What Are the Popular Flyer Templates?

There are various flyer templates covering your main occasions from business promotion to life party. The popular flyer templates are real estate flyer templates, garden opening flyer templates, business flyer templates, and party flyer templates. Eye-catching UI design and powerful event words of Fotor’s free flyer templates, you only need to replace the subject and words. Create your own flyer design in a few minutes with Fotor’s flyer maker.

What Is the Best Size for a Flyer?

The standard flyer size is similar to the size of a computer paper. In Fotor, the standard size of the flyer templates is 21cm by 29.7cm, same as the standard A4 (8.3” x 11.7”). As the most popular flyer size, it’s is convenient to post in places and easy for potential customers to hold in their hands. What’s more, if you want a smaller flyer template for the minimal cost for printing or the larger one to detail the information, customize it to the best flyer size you want.

What Should a Flyer Design Include?

The elements of an effective flyer design should include:

  1. An eye-catching headline. A flyer template with a creative headline can grab more audience’s attention.
  2. A motivating message. The message should make the reader want to act when they read it.
  3. Attractive and high-resolution graphics. Flyer design with a vivid and attractive image can be more eye-catching.
  4. Contact information. It’s necessary to add your contact information for the readers contacting with you.

How to Make a Flyer?

  1. Choose from the wide range of flyer templates, and click it to the canvas.
  2. Modify and design your flyer by using different fonts, photo effects, stickers, backgrounds and so much more.
  3. Review, save and then choose the format and size that you want. Or you can share it on social media directly.

Why Choose Fotor as Your Flyer Maker?

The Easiest Online Flyer Maker

Fotor’s flyer maker is designed for both professional designers and those without any design skills. As a professional flyer maker, Fotor’s easy-to-use features meet all you design demands, you just simply drag and drop the image, customize with text, colors, elements, backgrounds and many others.

Various Preset Free Flyer Templates

Fotor’s flyer maker boasts a large selection of well-designed flyer templates. All of them keep pace with fashion trend, making sure you can create a stunning flyer design. Fotor’s flyer design is same and easy-to-use, no design skills needed.

1,000,000+ Hd Stock Photos for Commercial Use

With Fotor’s HD stock photos, it’s easy to enhance the flyer design to a new level. No matter what kind of flyer design you want, you can always find the relevant high resolution images for any occasions.