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Orange Have A Happy Easter
Fresh Thank You Dad
Colorful Illustration Easter Egg Holiday Celebration
Black Cool Card
Blue Baby Shower Welcome
Colorful Spring Blossom Mother's Day Greeting
Blue And White Flower Dream
Pink Illustration Chinese New Year Wish Love
Pink Watercolor Illustration Happy Easter Day
White New Year Quote Card
Green Plant Christmas
Pink Happy Halloween Party Enjoy
Blue Today Is May Day
Pink Clean Minimal Happy Mother's Day
White Baby Shower Welcome
Yellow Baby Shower Thank You
Cute Cartoon Merry Christmas
Watercolor Illustrated Flowers Mother's Day Greeting
White 70th Birthday
Purple Trick Or Treat Cute Cartoon Happy Halloween Wish
Pink Decorated Eggs Photo Happy Easter Day
Pink Floral Montage Mother's Day
Black Dots Merry Christmas
Green Simple Happy Saint Patrick's Day
Happy Chinese New Year 2022
Soft Yellow Minimal Happy Easter Day
Pink Birthday Party
Red Happy Lunar New Year
Pink Heart Minimal Happy Valentines Day
Pink Year Of Tiger New Year
Blue Floral Christmas Card
Yellow Happy Lunar New Year
Happy Halloween Hat And Candy Wish
Wife's Birthday Card
Purple Happy Birthday Dad
Brown New Year Quote Card
White Floral Merry Christmas
Engagement Invitation Party
Early Bird
Winter expo

Start Fast with Ready-to-Use, Customizable Card Templates

A well-made card always has the power of warmth. It not only can express your most sincere care and blessings but can also leave a deep impression on people.

Fotor's card maker provides hundreds of exquisite card templates designed by professional designers, suitable for different occasions and themes. Whether you want to use birthday card templates to make a tailor-made birthday card for your friend or use wedding card templates to make a unique wedding invitation card by yourself. In Fotor, you can find free card templates that meet your needs.

Don't need to start with a blank canvas and worry about no design experience. Choose one of our pre-made card templates and customize it by changing the background color and font, adding pictures and icons, replacing text, etc. Personalize your cards to make them stand out from the many cards.

What Should be Included in the Card?

  • Title of the card: indicate the theme of the card, such as wedding card, birthday card, holiday card
  • Recipient's name
  • The name of the person who sent the card
  • Card message: the words you want to express

How to Make a Card?

  1. Open the Fotor website, click the “Create a design” button on the homepage, and choose the card layout to start the design.
  2. Browse the card templates in our template center or enter keywords directly in the search box. Choose the one you like from our hundreds of card templates.
  3. Customize your card. Add HD pictures from our gallery or upload your own pictures. Change the card background color, switch the font, replace the text in the card, add stickers and icons, and so on.
  4. Adjust the template layout. Use drag-and-drop design tools to adjust the size and layout of each element in the template, making your card unique.
  5. Once your design is complete, save your card design locally or share it on social media. You can also send your card directly to friends via email.