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Free Business Cards Templates

Use our well-made business card template to quickly design an amazing business card and leave a deep impression on business partners. Our wide range of business cards templates covers many business sectors and is available in a variety of styles. All elements in the template can customize as your will!

Quickly Start Your Business Card Design with a Pre-set Business Card Template

Every business card you send out needs to make an immediate impression and differentiate you from your competitors. Using our free business card templates designed by professional designers is the first step for you to make amazing business cards. Don't need to start from a blank business card template.

The Fotor's free business card maker has a wealth of pre-set business cards templates for free download. These templates cover a wide range of business areas and can easily match your brand personality and style. Whether you are in a large enterprise or a non-profit organization, there are free business card designs suitable for all occasions. We have classified all business card templates free. Just enter the corresponding keywords in the search box, you can find a business card design template that suits you and quickly start production.

Fotor's Business Card Maker Lets Everything Easy

Creating unique business cards has never been easier. Using Fotor's design tool, you can change each individual element in our printable business card template. Change the background color, replace text and pictures, add stickers and icons, etc. Adjust the entire layout of the template easily by simply dragging and dropping. Regardless of your design experience, you can design a custom business card in a few minutes with just a few clicks.

In addition, Fotor's business card maker also has a brand kit function. You can easily add your company's logo and main color to your card so that your business card and company's image can be consistent and play a better role in propaganda.

What information should be included on the business card?

A successful business card needs to make your customers or business partners immediately remember who you are and what your company's main business is. Here is some essential information:

  • The name of the company
  • Corporate logo and slogan
  • Your position in the company
  • Your phone number and email
  • Company's website
  • Company address
  • The company's main business

What is a good business card design?

1. Match the industry and company image

The first impression is very important. Excellent business card design needs to show the style, attitude, and mission of the brand and the industry.

2. Add brand logo

Adding your brand's logo on the business card can leave a deeper impression on people and promote the company more effectively.

3. Be creative

Excellent business card design can catch people's attention faster and stand out from the numerous cards. There are many creative designs in our digital business card templates. Browse them for design inspiration or use them directly.

4. Clean and simple design

Business cooperation needs to allow the other party to obtain information more conveniently and effectively. The clean and tidy design makes the business card more legible, ensuring that the important information delivered can be received by the customer.

5. Comprehensive and correct information

The information on the business card needs to include all valid and correct information to ensure that customers or business partners can contact you.