Unlock your inner thoughts – 3 simple ways to improve your creative ability!




Whether you have a small case of ‘creative block’ or simply never believed you could be creative, these 3 simple tactics can unlock your hidden creative genius! Try to be more creative in your next poster making or Instagram posting!


It has long been believed that you’re either born creative or not. Often, this concept goes on to influence huge decisions we make in our lives. Many people often believe they are ‘inclined to creativity’ but due to the pressure of study and work, they choose a different, significantly less creative path. In this new blog, we examine a few ways of unlocking your inner creative side through intuitive methods which will allow you to overcome the ‘creative block’, and realize the true extent of your imagination.




Get Out and Exposed!

It’s often said that there is no such thing as a truly ‘new’ idea or concept, that most interesting things we hear are not original, they just appear to be so. Generally, people who are exposed to a wider variety of different experiences, tend to have a more open minded view on the world in general, giving them better capacity to think critically and ‘outside the box’. To this extent, your first step is simple: look at, read, listen and feel something you otherwise would be interested in, to get yourself thinking in a different way.




For this reason, travel is perhaps one of the best ways to expand your imagination’s horizons, and the best part (for you homebodies) is that you don’t even need to travel that far. Sure, a culture packed trip to India and Far East would be an amazing, potentially life changing experience, but to get those creative sparks flying, you need only see something vaguely new.

Hit the Books!

The human brain operates by sending electrical signals across a complex network of neurons, facilitated by a range of chemicals and hormones. When we becomes used to a certain activity (going to work, for example) our brain creates neural pathways to make the entire thinking process more efficient, allowing us to perform the task better with less effort. The problem with this is that we when our minds decide we no longer need to learn, we too quickly slip into an almost ‘autonomous’ state where new information and thus, new ideas become increasingly rare. The cure to this is simple: get back to the books!




Learning something new is not just a rewarding experience in itself, but it also alters our thought patterns in a number of ways. As you’re forced to take in new information, you begin to dedicate more ‘mental power’ towards your memory and learning faculties, altering your thought patterns and creating new neural pathways. As this happens, you’re also taking in new information which can alter your perspective, as you see things in a different way, your mind things of new ways to approach often encountered problems, catalyzing a creative reaction. This said, learning some things are better than others in improving your creativity. Learn the rules of a new card game may appear challenging at first, but once your learn the pattern, you’ve pretty much got it down pat. Learning a new skill, on the other hand, is infinitely more challenging and is one of the best ways of unlocking your creativity. Learning new languages is one such skill which is proven to have a marked effect on a person’s ability to creatively overcome problems and understand multifaceted, complex problems.

Express Yourself!

The final great technique in improving your creativity is perhaps the easiest, yet still requires dedication and persistence. When you express yourself in some activity or pursuit, you typically activate the parts of your brain which retain your personal feeling, interest and desires and allow them to be manifested in an open, stylized fashion. Traditionally, we would do this through writing, dance, painting, drawing or other artful pursuits; these days however, we have access to an entire digital canvas to play around with.




Many people take photographs and ‘selfies’ to be shared on social media. While this is not typically seen as being ‘creative expression’ there’s no reason why it cannot be. Integrating your usual social media posting and photography with one of the many available digital editors and designers can alter your perspective, giving you fresh ideas and insights though filters, text and other additions. Fotor is a particularly good choice for this, allowing you to take a single photograph and turning it into a fresh design could be just the thing to kick-start your latent creativity.



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