The DIY Mother’s Day Card – Be Mom’s Favorite with a Homemade Card


When we were kids, Mother’s Day was all about the homemade projects that were special to mom – the handprint ashtray and macaroni necklaces showed mom that you put some effort into her gift. As adults, the effort means even more. It’s said that time is more valuable to people than money. So spend some time making a personal Mother’s Day card for mom this year, and show her that you thought about her and what would make her happy on Mother’s Day.
What’s better on Mother’s Day than reminding her about becoming a mom in the first place? Maybe there’s a favorite picture of you and mom that you’d like to include, or maybe you’re feeling a bit nostalgic and you want to find a classic baby picture that will remind her of previous Mother’s Days. Either way, importing these photos into a Fotor card is easy, while still customizable.

Completing your card using Fotor only takes a few steps.

In the design section of Fotor, select a card. There are several card templates available for you. Why spend time working on the design, when Fotor has done it for you? Spend more time personalizing the images and the message.


Once you’ve selected your template, it will load and you will have the option to customize it by changing the wording and adding your own photos. Your uploaded photos will save to the sidebar so you can import a few and experiment with different images until you find the one that looks the best. Just drag and drop your own photo into the image shape, you can easily change the preset photos with yours.

upload photo

When it comes to customization, there’s nothing that you can’t make your own. By clicking on each feature within the card – a color block, or text box – you are given plenty of options. Change the color scheme of the card, or mess with the transparency until the card is exactly how you want it.
Change the text, and even the font style, to make it more personal to your own mom. Combine script and type fonts to add in extra aesthetics. There are tons of options that takes a card template, and makes it a much more original piece.

change layout

Once the photos, text and design of the card are exactly how you want it, Fotor has plenty of sticker options that can be placed on the card. There are new, Mother’s Day-themed stickers available. Place the sticker wherever you’d like and adjust the transparency until the design fits in with your card. Once your card is customized exactly how you’d like it, print it out, give it to mom and watch how special you’ve made her day.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there.

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