Put a Face to the Name, Adding a Photo to Your Resume



Putting a photo on a resume has always been considered a mistake to job seekers. It’s just something that’s never been done. But times are changing and let’s face it, if a company is interested in hiring you, they’re going to find you on social media anyway.

The job market is becoming more and more competitive. Aside from the growing pool of candidates, today’s employers are seeing more unique resumes. Job candidates are turning resumes into a work of art to set themselves apart. But when a hiring manager is sorting through handfuls of resumes, they’re likely to remember a face more than just a name. Add a photo to your resume to become a person to the company, rather than a name and credentials on a piece of paper.

The photo should send a clear message about you. A few simple steps can go a long way in showing the employer the type of employee you could be.

Don’t make the mistake of cropping yourself out of an existing photo. The message that sends to employers is that you didn’t have the time, or the care, to take a new, professional photo. Spend the time planning a new photo. No need to hire a professional photographer – though that’s certainly a good option. Set up a camera in front of a clean, clear background, and take as many photos as you want until you have the one you like.

Portrait of Japanese woman

Don’t include a full-body photo on the resume. The point of including a headshot is to subtly show who you are, without drawing a significant amount of attention to yourself. You’re trying to communicate a level of professionalism, without saying “hey, look at me.” Not to mention that too large of a photo takes up valuable space on your resume. To avoild this problem, you can just crop the unwanted part of you photo with the Fotor’s photo cropper.


A headshot is a nice touch to resume, but your qualifications are going to get you the job. Your headshot shouldn’t be a large portion of your resume. A small photo at the top of the resume is enough to show who you are, but to also show that you have a handful of qualifications the hiring manager should look over as well.


Put on some professional clothes, and do your hair and makeup (ladies) as if you’re going out to a nice dinner. Feel free to use editing software, such as Fotor’s photo retouching tool, to touch up the photo a little bit. You can even out your skin tone, add some brightness to your eyes, or reduce wrinkles. You don’t want to airbrush yourself to the point of unrecognizable, but a little touchup never hurts anybody.

Check our video tutorial to learn more tricks about editing your resume photo.

If you’re just getting out there into the job market, you might be applying to a wide array of jobs. It wouldn’t hurt to have multiple headshots ready to swap into your resume depending on where you are applying. A resume for a job in corporate America might look different than a resume to a coffee shop. A different headshot might communicate to a hiring manager that you at least look like someone who would fit in with the company.

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Including a photo on your resume will help you stand out in the job market. Setting yourself apart and making a memorable first impression will at least help in getting your foot in the door for that first interview. After that, it’s up to you.

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