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Find ways to be creative with fotor!  This blog is to show that you don’t have to just use one of our to tools to edit your photos but you can use a combination of our features in order to really customize your photos.  Check out what we did down below!


Below is one of the original photos:


                            This is the other original photo:

The two photos are stitched together using Photo Stitching under the collage feature.

Now we went to Free Collage and chose the canvas background and placed the Photo Stitched photo on top.

Then we took the photo and put it on the canvas background that is available under Free Collage and then framed it using fotor’s Gallery Frame:

Here is another one of fotor’s frames:

And here we reframed the framed Free Collage Photo Stitched photo!

Here is an example of vertical photo stitching and then framed using fotor’s original frames!

These photos were edited using Photo Stitching, Free Collage, and fotor’s Frames!  Thanks for using and see what you can do!

-the fotor team

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