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Good first impressions are important. Whether it’s on a job interview or first date, the first impression is something that usually sticks with someone. The same applies to sending out invitations – and that’s where Fotor is here to help. Whatever your event – birthday parties, grand openings, house warmings or even weddings – Fotor’s newest design element lets you customize your own, personalized invitations in minutes with pre-made templates.


Here’s how.

When you hear “invitation,” you might be thinking of traditional parties. But Fotor’s templates cover a wide range of events, from housewarming parties to grand openings of restaurants or art galleries. Even if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, the customizable aspect let’s you choose the design you like best and mold it to your particular event.


Some of the templates are ready-made with trendy and cool graphics, but you can also upload your own photos, depending on your event, into the invitation. Maybe you want to upload a photo of your house for your housewarming party (very handy for the guest who’s looking for a house they’ve never been to before!), or a picture of the bride and groom for a wedding shower invitation. Using your own images gives you complete creative control of the invitation.


Simply put, input the necessary information onto the invitation. Change font types and sizes for a unique look. If you need more space, you can add an additional page to the invitation through the sidebar on the right. This will allow you to add necessary text to the reverse side of the invitation. Maybe you need to include driving directions or specific instructions. You can do that without crowding the front of the invitation with too much text.


Change the color theme to sync with your event. If you’re holding a spring-themed bridal shower, you probably don’t want autumn reds and oranges. The unique thing about Fotor’s design platforms is the ability to customize every single aspect of the invitation, whereas most ready-made templates only allow you to input your own information to the fully-locked design. The ability to customize every component of a Fotor invitation almost guarantees that no one else will have your invitation. It is uniquely you and your event.


With seventy different templates to choose from and customize, Fotor has exactly what you’re looking for the kick-off your event and make the best first impression. Planning a party takes enough time and energy. Let the invitation be the easiest part. Come to Fotor and start your design today!


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