Cool New Frames & Borders For Your Photos


Fotor is proud to unveil our revamped photo frame categories!  Categories include Simple, Cute, Film Edge, Gallery, Stamp, Funky, Lace Border, Stamp Border, Polaroid, Shadow, and Gallery Frame.

Let’s take a moment to get acquainted!

Our newest features are called Stamp Border and Lace Border.  You can choose from a variety of different patterns and then decide if you want the border to be part of your photo or stand alone as a background.

Side Note:  after adding the inside Lace Border I also added a gallery frame for extra effect.  Beautiful, right?


This is one of our Stamp Borders.  Notice how it resembles a postage stamp.  Cool, eh?


Here I used Stamp Border and added a gallery frame to add some texture to my frame.


This Photo Montage used the same Stamp Border as the previous one.  I just like this style.


This is the inverse of the last two.  For this I first added a gallery frame and chose the color orange and then added a stamp border.


This photo of Seattle’s the Can Can master of ceremonies Herr Doppelganger was framed using Wooden Wonder and then reframed using Aztec.  You can get framed more than once!

 This photo below of performer Easy-E was framed with Craft Stitch.

This photo below of performers Fiona Minx, Johnny Boy, and Randy was framed with Red Hopper and then edited again by using a black a Black and White effect filter.  If you are unsatisfied with the color of a frame you can apply the frame to the picture and then go and edit the whole piece including the picture and the frame!

This photo below of Easy-E was first framed using Gallery Frame and then reframed using Aztec.

This photo of Herr Doppelganger was first framed using Wooden Wonder and then reframed using Family.

Of course you do not have to use 2 frames every time.  That is just my style.  Here is a photo of Salmon Beach, WA that just uses 1 frame:


Photos courtesy of Photographer Bruce Dugdale and Anne Meersman of Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

We hope you like our new frames and feel free to give us some suggestions on this blog, our facebook, or our google plus.  Thanks for using fotor!

-The Fotor Team


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So beautiful and so versatile! Perfect for gift giving!