New and improved Fotor features: Collage, Funky Collage, and Montage

Hey guys! We fine-tuned some of your favorite features here at Fotor so we want to show you a couple cool new things. Today let’s look at Collage, Funky Collage, and Photo Montage. Let’s get started!

A) Collage

1. Resize: Now you can click and drag border edges to adjust the dimensions of your collage. Figure 1A shows where you can click and drag the border.

2. Border: Ability to upload a photo to be used as the border of the collage. This allows you to create more unique and personalized creations. Figure 1A uses an uploaded photo as a background.

Figure 1A

Figure 1A

B) Funky Collage

Pretty much the same as before apart from some new funky templates! See figure 2A.

Figure 2A

Figure 2A

C. Photo Montage

1. Added a new texture background feature. See figure 3A.

2. Added frame feature so you can add frames to individual photos within montage. See figure 3A.

Figure 3A

Figure 3A

Get started now with Collage, Montage, or Funky Collage!

If you have any questions or comments you can send us an email at Thanks for checking out the blog and get out there and edit some photos!

Click on the links to learn about changes to:

New look of Fotor


Color Splash

Good photo editing to ya!

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[…] Collage, Montage, and Funky Collage […]


[…] Collage, Montage, and Funky Collage […]