Nailing the ‘ Back to School Sale ‘ : Three Things Every Marketer and Social Media Aficionado Should Know




Regardless of your product, service or expertise, ‘Back to School’ is the perfect opportunity to draft some awesome new content and material. In this article, we will examine the most important things to cover when nailing your ‘Back to School’ campaign!


Whether you’re a parent or not, there’s plenty of reasons to be excited about a ‘back to school sale’! Providing anyone (particularly marketers and affiliates) the opportunity to tap into an excellent sales event, allowing you to create and experiment with some awesome new design and tactics, the ‘back to school’ season should see you pumping out awesome posters, banners and facebook posts.

While various graphic designing solutions exist, finding the right poster maker and banner maker is a crucial step is ensuring your media hits its mark. Obviously, we at Fotor have our own (totally non-biased) choice of the editor –but you’re options are flexible – finding an editor streamlined with a photographic platform would allow for the greatest creative flexibility, particularly if it supports a range of social media templates.

To begin your campaign, you’ll need a rough plan of the channels you want to utilise, as well as a general ‘visual theme’ to the media you will be producing. You can find inspiration for this anywhere, but keeping it simple is key. Below are just a few things to keep in mind when preparing your ‘back to school’ campaign.

While this might not seem like ‘trade secret’, drawing people’s attention to the most important information in any advertisment should be considered the number one rule. When viewing promotional material, the average person’s attention span is well under a second – in other words, if you don’t draw them in within the first glance, you won’t draw them in at all.

From a marketer/promoter’s perspective, certain yearly sales (Christmas, Easter, Back to school, etc.) are useful as they are associated with certain feelings and ideas, allowing for (marginally) better marketing results.

By making certain words and numbers within your material larger, you’re ensuring that it will be read first – and open the viewer up to other information on your promotion. Below are a few examples:





When enlarging, stylizing or coloring certain parts of your advertisement’s text, be sure to pay attention to the entire composition, if it looks cheap or garish, it WILL be glanced over and ignored – if it’s too minimalist, it will be too diffuse to convey your message.

Everyone knows that people respond emotionally to different colors and textures. Ensuring that your material is in line with your viewers and your product/service is as important as the material itself.

‘Back to School’ sales, to this extent, should contain images associated with the education of school (duh), as well as some link with the item you’re selling. So longs as it’s kept within these boundaries, you (the marketer) have plenty of space to be abstract and creative, drawing upon whatever ‘back to school’ ideas you can. Below are some examples of such advertisments:





With most of the aesthetics of your design finalized, now you need that perfect ‘hook’ – the give people a reason to look at the ad and buy the product/service.




While not every piece of material you produce will include some kind of tag line or catchy rhetorical question, it’s been proven that these additions ARE effective, particularly when accompanied with good-looking, snazzy media. The key to the perfect hook lies in your ability to empathise with your viewers, evoking feelings and ideas to stimulate them into action.

For a back to school sale, you have a smorgasbord of potential hooks, ranging from ‘Being prepared for the next semester’ to ‘Are you ready for that promotion?’ Rhetorical questions are particularly effective as they bring the viewer directly into the situation – calling them to action by confronting them.




By adhering to these 3 super simple techniques, you’ll definitely be able to get more out of your campaign. When drafting material for multiple platforms and social channels, keep the subtle differences in user bases in mind, as well as the channels intrinsic limitations of the technology and services.

Ultimately, creating some amazing ‘back to school’ designs and content needn’t be a chore, keep it simple, good looking and concise and watch the profits flow!




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Thanks for great tips! My new blogpost “back2school: how to save your kids’ posture” is coming soon, and I definitely will use your advice! Thanks again )


Really nice photos and nice colors too !!