How to Create Double Exposure Images? (Beginner’s Guide)



Creating an amazing juxtaposition in a silhouette style, double exposure is a brilliant way to spice up your photos, profile pictures, and collages. Double exposure is a photographic technique that combines two or more exposures in one image to create evocative results.

double exposure picture-1

How to create an amazing double exposure effect on your photo and stunning on social media? If you follow the tutorial below, you will get this trick easily! Most importantly, you can do it without an expensive, professional camera.

3 Double Exposure Photography Tips

1. Think about Your Theme

A good photo should be expressive. Therefore, it should have at least one theme. Before shooting anything, you’d better think about what you want to express and what you want the readers to feel.

The most striking double exposure images of the moment are generally a combination of natural landscapes and portraits, due to the sense of expansiveness that natural landscapes can bring, and the sense of solitude that portraits can create when combined with landscapes. This theme is currently the most popular one.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to this style. Get your creative juices flowing! All you need to do is enable the audience to make a connection between the two subjects, to trigger their emotions in some way.

double exposure picture-2

2. Practice the Composition

Once you’ve identified the theme for the double exposure, you can start thinking about composition. Typically, we would use a background overlay, with the main image centered around a third of the picture.

There’s one tip to keep your shots balanced. Turn on the gridline of your camera when taking a background picture, whether it’s a professional shooting device or just a mobile phone. A good background image will set the tone of this photo. Try to use parallel viewpoints instead of tilted angle, unless you’re photographing the sky or water.

It is best to use the rule of thirds when photographing the subject, which is all about dividing your shot into nine equal sections by a set of vertical and horizontal lines. With the imaginary frame in place, you should place the most important element in your shot on one of the lines or where the lines meet. For double exposure photography, however, you’re better off placing the subject in the middle of the image. You didn’t do that? That’s okay. You can still use Fotor to save this photo. Just keep reading this post.

double exposure picture-3

3. Shoot the Base and Layer

Shooting background images requires good light. The perspective you choose must have highlights and shadows in contrast, which means that the light and shadows need to be even. But never choose a white background, because a white photo means that it has been overexposed. Everything that’s white means that is destroying the information. And everything that’s black means that it’s retaining the information for the next picture that you will stitch on top of it.

At the same time, don’t mix too many colors in the background image and avoid bright colors, which means the background color should be low saturation and low brightness. This will give the photo a better perspective so that even if the background blends in with the base image and they still seem to be discernible.

You have many options for the subject of the base photo. You can choose an animal, a person, or a landscape. The main point, however, is that this subject must be a close-up, with no other extraneous elements in the picture. If you want to take a good close-up photo, the image needs to be well lit. This is the only way to bring out the full detail of the subject. For a clearer double exposure photo, the subject should be placed completely in the frame until you can see its outline clearly.

If necessary, you can also take pictures with the aid of a tripod and a shutter cable, though this only happens when you’re using your camera. All of the above points for taking pictures work just as well for mobile phones. Once you’ve learned these, you just need to know how to edit your photos to create the double exposure effect.

How to Create Double Exposure images?

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a wonderful, surreal double exposure image using Fotor Online Photo Editor. It’s super easy and quick, so let’s dive in.

 Step 1: Prepare Two Photos

Since my theme is Cinematography. I wanted the reader to have a poignant feeling after seeing my pictures. So I decided to use a picture of a beautiful girl as my base photo, and then I chose a picture of a skyscraper as the background.

How to make double exposure picture with Fotor-1

Please observe the features of these two photos. The background image has fewer colors and is less bright. The portrait must be a close-up, and the face is especially very clear. You can even feel her emotions.

Step 2: Import Photos to Fotor

After choosing the photos you wish to use, bring them into your design with the IMPORT PHOTOS function on the right side of the screen. In the design panel, you can decide the size of the canvas by yourself based on the size of the background. It can be a square or a rectangle. It’s all up to you.

How to make double exposure picture with Fotor-0

How to make double exposure picture with Fotor-2

Step 3: Prepare the Background

Drag the background onto the canvas to cover it. Then use the left mouse button to click on the screen. Select Transparency and make the appropriate adjustments. For this photo, we recommend adjusting it to 60%.

How to make double exposure picture with Fotor-3

The next step is the most important step in adjusting the background image. That is, you need to click on the Effects in the top left corner of the screen and then turn the exposure to negative. For this image, we recommend adjusting it to around minus 30.

How to make double exposure picture with Fotor-4

Step 4: Prepare the Base Photo

Note that when using Fotor, you don’t have to create a new layer specifically to place the second photo. When you drag another photo onto the canvas, Fotor has created a new layer for you automatically. You can switch layers directly by clicking on a different photo.

So you just need to use the same method to drag the base photo into the canvas and just cover the background. Then adjust the Transparency of this photo to 45% and you’ll get this.

How to make double exposure picture with Fotor-5

But it’s not over yet. This next step is the most important step for the double exposure effect. You need to keep tweaking the exposure in the Effects. This is the time that you need to turn it up. The recommendation for this photo is to adjust it to about 90%.

How to make double exposure picture with Fotor-6

Of course, you can also try to add other effects to the base photo or background. There are hundreds of photo effects on Fotor. So why not have a try? But don’t overdo it. I’ve added an effect to this photo, so you can see the result.

How to make double exposure picture with Fotor-7


As you can see from these steps, with Fotor, you can get nice double exposure photography only by adjusting Transparency and Effects! You don’t need to eliminate photo backgrounds, or create new layers, or do special color grading.

Regardless of whether you have professional photographic knowledge and equipment, as long as you have a mobile phone that can take photos, and read the above tips carefully, then get two practicable photos, you can use Fotor for double exposure photo editing!

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double exposure is a brilliant way to spice up your photos, profile pics and collages.


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