Making a DIY Thanksgiving Post on Pinterest



Pinterest is a great way to share ideas, and as Thanksgiving is just around the corner, what a better way to say thanks than sharing a favorite recipe, a DIY decoration, or just some simple tips for surviving Thanksgiving with the in-laws.

Make your Pinterest simple, catchy, and creative. Start by breaking your idea down into a simple text format; keep in mind that Pinterest mainly relies on photos and a short text explanation to grab users attention. If explaining a recipe or a DIY decoration, try displaying the ingredients or items needed in the photos then breaking down the instructions in the text description.


Baking Ingredients: Apple Pie (Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Apples, Cinnamon)


In our example above we break down the ingredients for an apple pie recipe. The photograph presents a clean clear-cut breakdown of what will be going into our final product. Under our simple, clean, ingredients photo we would like to lay out the final product, to show users how easy it is to go from fresh ingredients to a presentable dinner table desert.


Homemade apple pie


Grab Pinterest users’ attention by showing how something simple can be turned into something delightful. Once you have several photos that are going to intrigue users, it’s time to turn those photos into a Pinterest graphic story.




Start by choosing a design from Fotor‘s template list. This will give you a base outline for your Thanksgiving project. After your template selection start by importing the photos you want to use for your project.




Implementing these photos into your Pinterest story can be done in several ways; directly dropping photos into your template or by choosing the “image shape” sticker, which allows you to control the shape and size of your photos.




Text can be added to give your viewers a clear understanding of what they are looking at and can also encourage users to click to “read more”. Adding touches such as a story about how your Grandma past down the recipe, or how making this project was your children’s favorite Thanksgiving pastime, can really give a personal feel to your Pinterest.




Create your own Fotor Thanksgiving creation and give your Pinterest followers something to be Thankful for this year.



Thanksgiving pie




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