Make a cool poster!


How do I create an awesome poster, get it printed and delivered to my doorstep?

We have a simple answer that requires no photoshop skills, no expensive graphic design degree, and no professional help. All you need is some creating help from Fotor and some printing help from CanvasPop!


11 easy steps to having your personally designed Fotor in your hands.

1) Find a couple photos or suitable backgrounds for your poster.

2) Upload these photos to Fotor.

Add a photo

3) Go to Photo Montage and upload a specific background photo.

*If you don’t have a specific one in mind you can choose from free templates or use a white background as below.

Go to Photo Montage

4) Choose the background dimensions (if you are not satisfied with the uploaded photo’s dimensions)

*Tip: Click the lock to change the proportions.

Change proportions

5) Drag and drop pics from the photo bucket onto the canvas.

Drag a photo onto your canvas

6) Resize by clicking and dragging the lower right corner of the added photo.

*Tip: Delete unwanted photos by clicking on the X on the upper left corner of the photo.

7) Use the pop-up toolbar’s options to erase aspects of the added on background image (this is to superimpose cut out versions of images onto the background.

*Tip: Adjust the size of the eraser and zoom in to erase more precise details. Also, for eraser mistakes, click the pencil and pencil-in the accidentally erased part.

Erase parts of your photo

8) In the pop-up tool bar click Basic and browse the options to adjust the transparency, size, rotation, layer, or filter of each image.

Photo Montage your poster

9) Click the Text button on the far left and begin adding text. You can choose from Local or Online fonts.

Add text

To make it stand out, use different sizes, fonts, and colors!


10) When finished editing, click Save and then click Real Prints.

Photo Montage your poster

11) Now print it from your computer or print it using CanvasPop. CanvasPop is a printing company that will format your poster, print it out, and ship it directly to your door! Read more about CanvasPop

CanvasPop has posters for sale starting at $10 with shipping starting at $5 in the United States. CanvasPop also does shipping worldwide.

*You can also print at a local print shop or keep it digital and send it to your friends on SnapChat, Facebook, Email, Twitter, or WeChat.

Here it is!

Print Poster

Well, folks that is how it’s done. That wasn’t so hard, right?

If you want to get started come to Fotor and get going on making your own poster!

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Blog and your tips is fabulous thanks.