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It used to be much harder to be an entrepreneur. Aside from having a great business idea and model, you needed a brick and mortar building. It required a lot of time, energy and money. Today, time and energy are required, but business owners can run out of their homes with the insurgence of online shops, such as Etsy.

Etsy allows anyone to be a business owner. Since its launch ten years ago, Etsy has helped millions – yes, MILLIONS – of people make, buy and sell unique goods. The best part is, once you have the business idea, the set up is easy. And we’re here to help.

1. Name your business

The first step is sometimes the hardest. Coming up with a new that conveys your product to the quick scroller, while still being catchy enough for someone to stop and click on your store is a tough task. The name doesn’t necessarily have to broadcast your product, but it should be personal and unique to you.

2. Develop a logo

This can also be a difficult task if you’re going for something creative and graphic. But you could also find a nice script font that you really like and make your logo clean and simple. People will see your logo before they read it, so make sure it’s something that will make someone stop and notice you.

Rather than develop your own logo from nowhere at all, it might be a better solution if you start from some existing ones and get some inspirations from them. Among all the templates sizes Fotor provided, there are two dimensions specially designed for Etsy. And you can try Etsy Shop Icon to get some inspirations for the logo.


There are lots of icon templates for you to choose from, and you can easily customize them by changing background, font, adding stickers and even more elements.


Since your brand logo will be used on your photos, banners and anywhere, it would be a better design option that you can keep it simple. After it’s done, remember to save it as PNG and choose the transparent background, which would remove all the background. And you can add your logos wherever you want with ease.


3. Create your shop

Thankfully, this is probably the easiest step. Etsy makes it pretty simple to set up your online shop with a step-by-step walk through. Using a program like Fotor can help you set up your shop icons and cover photos. The premade templates fit perfectly into Etsy so all the dimensions are taken care of for you. Don’t forget to keep the consistency of your banners, logo, shop icon and all the other visual content. Here are some examples of the shop banners we provide:

Untitled collage


4. Market yourself

Marketing nowadays can be pretty easy. Using something like Facebook ads make it easy to spend a couple dollars to create an advertisement for whatever demographic you choose. Design the exact banners you want with our banner maker.

banner maker

5. Collaborate with other shops

Especially in the beginning, you’re going to need to rely on the help of others to get you started. Often times, Etsy shop owners collaborate with each other for promotions and giveaways. In the beginning, you might be giving away more than you are selling, but it will help you build up a clientele and create a name for yourself. Which brings us to our last point…

6. Gather reviews and testimonials

Whenever you sell something or give it away, try to get feedback from the purchaser. Being able to promote your products along with the reasons why people love them will only benefit you. You could also ask family and friends to be your first reviewers. Ask them to be brutal honest so you can perfect your product before mass marketing. To spread out the words, you’ll definitely need some guidance for design. Hope these blogs will provide you some help:

If you have a unique product or skill set that you can sell, why not take advantage of the opportunity to be your own boss. Many Etsy shop owners start small but then build up a big enough client base that they can actually start their own, work from home companies and manage their business on their own time. Start small, but aim high. Happy selling!


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