Improving your blog’s pics – with Fotor!


As we all know, the visual component of your blogs is paramount to their success and lasting appeal. In this brief article, we will examine a few way for you to improve the aesthetic appeal of your blog, improving its popularity and traffic.

Don’t use too many colors

While none of us like drab, black and white images, sometimes when color is concerned, more is less. Keeping your blog colors within a specific theme can help give it a contiguous look and improve the overall appearance.




Keep it relevant!

In an age where the endless amounts of ‘clickbait’ seek to distract us with deliberately misleading content, it’s never been so important for the pics of your blog post to be relevant and connected to the topic.




Here at Fotor, we often work each blog article into a specific theme, building upon certain times of the year, holidays and current affairs.

For example, if you want to write a blog about summer style, like the one we have before: 3 Steps to Give Your Social Media a Much Cooler Summer Style! And you post a picture like this:




Customise it!

Everyone like original, well designed content – particularly when it’s concise and informative. Including some customized images with your blog is an excellent way to improve the overall readability and presentation of your content. Similarly, it gives you the opportunity to imbed your own personalized messages into the image – potentially leading to viral sharing!




Use some funky effects!

Incorporating some ‘color splash’, black and white and other effects into your posts is a great way to draw in your readers’ attention. Developing your own unique styling effects is the first step in producing some amazing content, which is sure to ‘wow’ your friends and acquaintances.




Regardless of the content of your blog, you can also use Fotor to spruce it up and make it look fantastic! Follow these simple tips and tricks to reach the next level of graphic, photo and blog design!


Fotor photo editor and designer


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I visited your solutions on design and i found that’s very usefull, congratulations 😉


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