How to Use Fotor to Crush the Competition on 5 Social Media Sites

Janice Wald


2.77 billion.

That’s how many people recent statistics project will use social media sites in 2019.

That’s more than 1/3 of the planet!

Even more staggering– the number continues to grow.

For example, in 2018, 2.5 billion people visited social media sites.

Marketers should capitalize on the growing use of social media sites.

You know you need social media if you’re going to generate exposure in order to market your product or services to potential customers.

Are your potential customers at social media sites?

Absolutely! 1/3 of the planet is there!

However, if you and I know your audience is on social media sites, certainly your competition knows it as well.

You can get lost in the online “noise,” or you can stand out.

If you make a social media marketing plan which produces disappointing results, you need to step up your game.

If you want to maximize your ROI (return on your time invested), you need to shine.

Using Fotor’s online design maker to make professional-looking graphics that scream “Wow” will gain you online attention no matter what website you’re using to market your online business.

That’s the precise definition of social media marketing: the process of gaining website traffic or attention from the use of social media sites.

“How can Fotor help?” you wonder.

By letting Fotor’s graphics showcase your content, your blog or business will shine. You work less hard but reap more rewards when you use Fotor.

This article contains an action plan designed to increase your marketing effectiveness at the following social media sites: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

A strong social media marketing plan employs the following techniques:

This article explains how to effectively implement all three strategies.

Get to know your customers

You can start by sending cards on their birthdays. This B2C strategy is unique. Your customers will appreciate this thoughtful approach. Fotor has an amazing collection of cards. You can use Google Calendar to discover your contacts’ birthdays.

When you use Fotor, graphic design for social media sites is easy! Fotor has a multitude of preset templates and images or you can design your own.

happy birthday

After receiving a purchase, send a note of thanks. Fotor has many templates designed for this purpose.


Sending thank you cards after purchases will reinforce the goodwill your customers had toward your business when they made the decision to buy from you. Furthermore, the card may bring you to mind when they’re ready to make another purchase.

In the event someone made an inquiry which didn’t result in you selling your product or service, you can send a follow-up business card which can serve as a reminder of your company.


Use colorful graphics in your marketing

We are living in a world where people are engaged by pictures. Infographics, Infographics, memes, graphics, and interesting photos all go a long way in engaging a potential customer. Free tools like Fotor are at your disposal and aid in graphic design. For example, you can use Fotor’s templates to make your business logo.


It will look like you hired a professional to design your logo for your company!

Market using unique approaches. For example, avoid posting the same content on different social media sites. People will eventually tune out your message if they see it repeatedly. Even if you are offering the same content at other websites, you can try to deliver your message in a new way at different places by using different Fotor templates.

Avoid the one-size-fits-all approach. If your social media marketing is to be successful, you must consider the platform you’re using to deliver your message. For example, Twitter is brief, LinkedIn is professional, and Facebook is relaxed. You can adjust your Fotor graphic to fit that mood.

Post content at sites where your targeted population spends time

Just how many social media sites should you be on? You should be where your customers are. One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is being too many places at once.

Note: Although this article explains how to get online attention so you can market your products and services on social media sites, that doesn’t mean you should choose all of these websites.

How to choose social media sites

Figure out where your target population spends their time online.

By going to to figure out where your audience spends time online, you can maximize your ROI:

Note: The dates can be modified. You might want to consider changing the dates since the view defaults to only one week.

Twitter: Over 330 million users

Twitter Marketing Hacks:

Use Fotor’s Twitter templates for covers and Twitter posts.

Colorful graphics grab consumers’ attention. Twitter is an ideal place to use Fotor’s designs.


This is an example of a Twitter post.

Twitter is perfect for brands. Brands, businesses, and blogs use Twitter to promote their website content. Get attention to your content with Fotor’s graphics.

Use Twitter cards to make those graphics bigger.

Larger graphics are definitely more eye-catching.

If you are using WordPress, make sure you set a Featured Image, so when you share your content on Twitter, the graphic stays with your link.

How many times a day should you put your content on Twitter? At least 10 times a day with different wording so your content doesn’t get stale.

People tend to tune out the same content they see over and over again.

Which Twitter strategy should you remove from your social media marketing plan?

This article details effective social media marketing strategies you should adopt. One tactic you should drop from your social media marketing plan is your use of Periscope. Recent reports indicate Twitter users are using this live streaming application in fewer numbers.

Instagram: Over 800 million users

Instagram Marketing Hacks:

Let Fotor provide the templates for your Instagram photos.

Fotor’s powers work perfectly for Instagram which is about getting online attention using strong visuals.


Boost your post.

When your Instagram posts receive strong engagement, you will be asked by Instagram if you want to boost your post.

This gives you a chance to pay to sponsor a post on Instagram and extend its visibility. You can also boost a post at any time by clicking “Promote” at the top of your profile screen. You’ll be asked to click on the post you want to promote.

Many people report buying from brands on Instagram. Here are 8 things you need to know for monetizing Instagram.

More Instagram Marketing Hacks:

How many times a day should you promote on Instagram? 4 times a day.

LinkedIn: Over 500 million users

LinkedIn Marketing Hacks:

Make a LinkedIn cover.

Fotor’s tools enable you to make a LinkedIn cover. Since LinkedIn is an organization for business people, you want to use your profile and your bio to look professional. Adding a cover to your profile can give you a more polished look.

This is my LinkedIn cover that I made with Fotor: Since my website offers blogging tips, this LinkedIn cover fit my niche as well as my personality.


Do graphics convey your personality and that of your business? Absolutely!

Fotor has enough choices, you’ll be able to find templates to match any personality.

Complete your entire LinkedIn bio.

Treat your LinkedIn bio like your resume. Use it to impress!

Use Instagram in conjunction with LinkedIn.

You will do better at Instagram if you connect with people on LinkedIn since many bigwigs at Instagram have LinkedIn accounts and may follow you.

You find out what their names are at LinkedIn. Follow their Instagram accounts. Since they will know you from LinkedIn, they might follow you back on Instagram.

Since they work for the company, you might find your content shared and in the Explore section of Instagram. This is where you have a chance to have your content go viral. Content stays in the Instagram Explore section for days.

Join LinkedIn groups.

Some LinkedIn groups contain a million people! LinkedIn is definitely the place for serious marketers.

How many times a day should you promote on LinkedIn? Once a day excluding weekends.

Facebook: Over 2.23 billion users

Fotor has Facebook templates that can help you market on this site. For example, Fotor has templates for Facebook covers posts and events.

Facebook Marketing Hacks:

Use Facebook ads and boost a post to set a budget.

This will increase the reach of your content.

Insert your own picture in order to make the graphic that accompanies your blog post bigger when seen in Facebook groups.

Otherwise, as soon as you put your link in, the graphic you inserted in your blog post will be placed.

Use Facebook Live Video.

The reason is clear: Nearly 2 billion people have watched Facebook Live videos according to statistics. Consumers tend to buy from people they trust. Surveys indicate people are more likely to trust people they can see and hear. Live streaming videos provide this.

Also, Facebook is eager to show videos to users. Therefore, if you use Face Live to promote your content, Facebook will be more likely to show your video to people. Therefore, using Facebook Live increases your probability of free exposure.

Use a Facebook page to advertise your blog or business.

Otherwise, your content promotion may seem spammy and therefore offensive.

Take advantage of Facebook groups that allow promotion.

Many Facebook groups allow daily promotion. Facebook groups often contain tens of thousands of people. This will definitely boost your content’s exposure.

Other Facebook groups have Promotion Day once a week. You’re allowed to promote your content without looking like a spammer.

How many times a day can you promote on Facebook? If you’re not breaking any rules, as much as time allows.

However, if you’re planning on posting to groups, the more members the better. Make sure you know the rules. Some groups restrict promotion to certain days of the week.

Pinterest: Over 175 million users

Pinterest Marketing Hacks:

Dimensions matter.

If you promote your content on Pinterest, make your graphics vertical

Use colors to your advantage.

Bright colors do well on Pinterest. These colors will catch the eye of a potential consumer.

Many people have reported buying from brands on Pinterest. Your customers are there. Use strong, colorful, vertical images to get noticed.

Boost a post if you have a marketing budget.

Many consumers report buying from brands on Pinterest.

How many pins should you put in each piece of content? 3.

YouTube: 1 billion active users

Fotor has a unique way of helping you market on this popular video streaming site.

YouTube Hacks:

Use Fotor’s YouTube templates.

These include YouTube art, YouTube Channel Art, and a YouTube video thumbnail.


Many YouTubers use Channel Art in order to stand out on YouTube.

Use a thumbnail to begin or end your YouTube video.

Many search engines will categorize the video using the thumbnail.

Potential viewers scan the thumbnails to see what they want to watch.

Since this is the first impression potential viewers will have, Fotor can help you make the thumbnail memorable.

Advantages to Marketing with YouTube:

Marketers have the same advantage as YouTube recorded videos that they have with Facebook Live Streaming and other live streaming services.

However, live streaming videos contain a huge disadvantage: they’re live. You can’t rerecord if you make a mistake.

Although the popularity of live streaming is taking off like wildfire, you can’t beat the advantage of using YouTube: the ability to rerecord.

Other unique tricks you can use to shine online:

In addition to using Fotor to generate buzz at various social media sites, you can use Fotor to create unique content on your own website.

For example, Fotor has poster-size templates. A graphic the size of a poster is definitely eye candy.



This post explained how you can step up your marketing game:

This post explained not only how to follow these strategies but also unusual hacks sure to get you online attention.

These are solid, easy-to-implement B2C strategies.

Clearly, you need a social media marketing plan. When you make an action plan that includes Fotor, your strategies are that much more effective.

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