How flat lay can change the way you advertise



Black Friday is almost here, so what is the best way you capture your customer’s attention and get them to pull out their credit card?

This month Fotor has released the perfect Black Friday templates that are sure to help you grab attention and make this Black Friday the most successful one yet. We of course, at Fotor, feel that a clear, clean-cut photo is the most important thing to grab user’s attention.

Laying out your products to product the “flat lay” appearance, this will give you an easy-to-take shot without the need of professional equipment. Flat lay is a simple format with clean stunning results. Flat lay is great for revealing textures, shapes, and colors.


men's clothing


Presentation of your product is huge, displaying your items in an organized flat lay style is going to be easy on the eyes and have a clear presentation. There are really two different schools of thought when it comes to choosing a background; first is to choose a neutral color to make the products pop, the second is choosing a textured or colored background that accents the product. In the image below we chose a grass background because it goes with the theme of summer; which is what the product is all about.




Lighting is also hugely important when it comes to presentation. The most budget friendly way to brighten up a photo is natural light. Be sure to be in a brightly lit room with large windows to capture the sunlight. Large lamps can also provide great lighten while being a cheap alternative to soft-box lighting.


Empty white room wall interior


Finally the big question is what to shoot the photographs with. A common misconception is that only expensive cameras can take professional high-quality photographs, however that is no longer the case. With smart phones becoming ever increasingly able to take high-quality photos, no longer does one have to own a DSLR to get the quality they are looking for. Don’t rush out and by the most expensive camera you can; instead, armed only with the camera on your phone, see how far Fotor’s editing app can take you.

Go out and try for yourself and see just how easy it can be to making a stunning flat lay creation, then be sure to share it with us or go one step further by putting it in one of our great Black Friday templates.






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