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Thank you very much to Fotor Friend Anne M. She recently did a trekking journey in Nepal and has decided to share some photo editing tips from her trip.

Nepal map

Hi everybody! My name is Anne M. and I want to tell you some photo tips from my trekking trip in Nepal…

Summer is the perfect time to do some hiking or trekking. Whether going trekking in the Himalayas or going for a short day hike in the woods near your hometown, the summertime is the best time for this.

First things first. You gotta gear up, get out, and get on the mountain.

1) Flying into Nepal we landed in the world’s most dangerous airport. If the airplane overshoots the runway, there is a 1000 foot drop off at the end of the runway. Yikes!

I used Fotor HDR Software at Fotor.com to edit this photo. (HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography takes three photos with different exposures and combines them into a single image to bring out the best light and tone in each part of the photo)


2) Whenever I travel I like to get some photos of kids to show the humanity and vitality of the local culture.

I took this photo and then used the Blur Effect at Fotor.com. I blurred the background while leaving the girl and her mother in focus. This effect accentuates the girl and her mother from the background.

Nepalese daughter and mother

3) I always try to get a photo of my ride no matter how crazy it looks! 😉

I made this photo even crazier by using Fotor’s Art Print under Effects. I really like the outcome.

tour bus

4) I always make sure to consult my map and trail signs to figure out where I am going. Also, bring a compass and a way to get emergency help if you need it.

 Photo tip: I used 1-Tap Enhance to lighten up my photo. Sometimes my photos come out too dark. A quick fix is use Fotor’s 1-Tap Enhance to brighten up those parts of the photo that are a little too dark.

trail signs

5) Get a photo of your sweet animal buddies along the way. This guy helped me up the mountain for part of the way so I gotta give him some props.

I edited the photo of my friend here using Color Splash. Color Splash allows you to add splashes of color to your photo while leaving other parts in black and white. There are also multiple special settings to give you different effects!

color spalsh

6) Make sure to follow the rules of the trail. Basic rules include staying on the path, throwing out your garbage in the appropriate places, and respecting locals rules and traditions.

I edited this photo using 2 Fotor effects. It is a combination of Art Print and Lens Flare Effects. Check it out at Fotor.com in Effects!

follow the rules

7) I have found that the sun makes a big difference in your photos and is really dependent on shooting at the right time of day.

Shoot during the “magic hour.” The hours at the beginning and end of the day will yield exceptional photos. The rest of the day pales in comparison.

good light

8. Get some action shots of you actually climbing the mountain. Of course you want everyone to know how tough you are!

I also think Black & White can look really beautiful on photos of snowcapped mountains. I edited this using Black & White effects from Fotor. You can find it at Fotor.com under  Effects.

 mountain climbling hiking

9. Find a good viewpoint and get some photos of you and the whole gang.

Add a human touch to your photos. Humans are part of the landscape, so don’t be afraid to include them in your outdoor photos. People add scale, personality, and interest to your trekking photos.

summit nepal

10. The most important is to get a photo when you reach your goal.

A cool thing is to use sunglasses or reflective surfaces to add reflections to your photos.

sunglasses reflection

Cool, well thanks for checking out some of my ideas for trekking and hiking photography.

I hope you enjoyed!

All the best,

Anne M. 😉

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