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Unlike users of other social media platforms, LinkedIn is an environment populated almost exclusively with skilled tradesmen, teachers, business leaders, medical and legal professionals, consultants, artists, writers, and much more. Nearly all of them would benefit from branding their profile pages with visuals that match their business activity, but up to now, they had few options. The most they could do is change the background color on their profile page and their profile picture. But that just changed with Fotor’s latest set of templates designed specifically for LinkedIn backgrounds.


Fotor’s LinkedIn Templates

Fotor has introduced a new set of background templates for LinkedIn. That means you can customize a LinkedIn background and know it will fit perfectly on your profile page without bothering with technical details.

To start the process, select the Design button on the Fotor landing page. It will take you to the template page where you can choose LinkedIn Background from the new templates listed under Recommendations.

LinkedIn background

1 Pick one you like that fits your brand.

To find the right template for you or your business, just scroll through the various designs until you find one you can modify with minimum effort. For this demonstration, let’s pick the one below and pretend that you are a public relations photographer.


2 Change the content to your niche.

You like the font for this background, but you need to change the words to your business name which is “Picture It”. You can also change the color of the text as well as the font from tabs next to the color button on the upper left of the workspace.


3  Choose the background reflecting your style.

Go to the upper left corner of the middle section of the workspace and click on the Color button. It will display a color palette that will allow you to either select another color or create one of your own. But, you’re not limited to a color background. You can choose a patterned background or drop in a photograph. Since you are a photographer, let’s add a photograph.


As a photographer, you may want to upload one of your own images. Click on the Import button on the right panel and navigate to an image on your computer. Maybe you want a nice black and white photograph of a recent news briefing. You simply select the image to load it onto the page and image panel. Just drag it over to the template and release it.

After that, you can resize it from the handles surrounding the image or use the toolbar below it. You can make additional edits using Fotor’s Effects features at the upper left of your workspace. To put the image in the background, click on the type box and do a simple cut and paste. The type will become the top layer of your template and your photograph will be your background.


Save and Upload to LinkedIn

When you are done, you can Save the image to your computer then open your LinkedIn account and go to the Edit Profile page where you can change the background and layout.


Just follow the LinkedIn instructions for uploading and changing your background. That’s it. By creating templates for LinkedIn backgrounds, Fotor has given you a powerful marketing tool. Plus, you can make pro-looking profile pictures that impress with an online profile maker from Fotor! Now you can brand yourself or your business in ways that will have a deep impact on your professional social media community.


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Everyone is on LinkedIn but we should not ignore the opportunity it affords not just individuals but company brands also .Thanks