Fotor’s “Horror Photography” Practice Book



Fotor’s Halloween themed photography contest has begun! Photographers who are “God’s” and “Ghost’s”, cannot miss this time to capture the good and evil that is lurking this Halloween. Professionals and amateurs are all invited to participate.

Chapter of Terror I, fear of the unknown.




How can you expect, the unexpected? The first source of fear comes from the unknown, the world of doubt! Curiosity can drive us crazy, constantly looking at a foggy window or when the power unexplainably flicks on and off. At this time you yell at your brother or sister to stop flicking the lights or steaming up the glass. But what if no one responds? Congratulations you have experienced the first chapter of horror; fear of the unknown.

Chapter of Terror II, Complexions tell a Story




Ordinarily people’s face tell a sad or happy story, it is not easy to produce a scary face without painting on strange makeup. The thought of a broom or cat doesn’t scare us very much, but the wizards face triggers our memory and captivates the horror within. This source of fear, whether it folly clowns or haggard wizards, lies within the complexion. Prepare the makeup, making sure the eyes stay exposed, our eyes tell a story of how these monsters came to be. Lay down in red dyed water letting only your face and black painted fingernails stick out, but be careful, it might be so scary that the photographer drops the camera.

The third chapter of terror, Fear the Darkness




Ever since childhood we have been afraid of the dark, many of us even couldn’t sleep without a light on. While we are young we look at darkness as a terrorizing atmosphere. In the pitch dark room we do not see anything, we are not aware of what is moving about, which makes us panic and think irrationally. The towel laid over the chair becomes a ghost, the decoration on the wall looks like a face, our fear has taken over. Then you see something move from near your door, turn the ISO and aperture high to capture your mother coming in to say goodnight.

Chapter of terror III, Imprisoned in a Dream




Dreams can be so real it seems like a movie, with the screen having layers of absurdity in an alternative universe that is perfectly real. The best way to use a camera to capture the memory of the dream is to use the cameras double exposure feature so that the two pictures overlap each other. The overlapping pictures feature a real life scene and what you imagined in the dream. The mysterious broken environment creates mystic and an unknown factor. Pick an environment such as an abandon warehouse or an empty school, in the first shot have your brother use a mask or sorrowful face and in the second photo use a wide-angle lens to shoot the dilapidated environment. Then use our web version of Fotor to design the features and create a synthetic feature.

Terror Chapter IIII, Theory of Secrets




The story of Frankenstein, a classic tale of experimentation, humans and robots coming together in a basement lab. Humans and robots have begun to resemble each other, in both action and appearance. Robots are even being programed to react like humans do. Much like humans, robots can be taught to react to things in different ways. Thinking about this assumption makes us realize that it is possible to program a robot to act with anger, rage, or even craziness. Robots have also become smaller and smaller, even being able to control things like Barbie’s, so maybe you will think twice before snapping off one of its limbs.

Ultimate Chapter of Terror, Mysterious Primitive Ritual




Jack O’Lanterns, bloody gloves, vampires, ghosts, and witches… These are Halloweens’s most famous elements! The pumpkin with an empty skull resembles the cups that the Cults drank blood out of. In primitive society, sacrifice is very important part of daily life. Go into the woods and caputure a pumpkin or skull, fill it with items that you think relate to primitive society.

Now close your manual, get your camera ready, bring your equipment and your sibling to start a Halloween photo trip! Finally, remember, “The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors.




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From an artistic point of view it is very beautiful, but it is scary 😀

زيت الصويا تونس

I visited the photo editor, it’s very nice but i don’t found arabic fonts!? i will be gratefull if you put some arabic fonts so we can use it. thank you