Fotor for Android


Fotor for Android is one of the best camera apps for your android phone. The new version includes a totally redesigned interphase. It is fast, easy to use, and packed full of features.

With Fotor you can utilize an all-in-one camera, do basic and advanced editing, add cool effects and text, do tilt-shift, and layer stickers on your photo.

Fotor is your trusty sidekick from the moment you point and shoot until you finalize your photo masterpieces.

Fotor for Android


With 6 different camera modes, Fotor is an awesome tool for capturing the beautiful and awe-inspiring moments in your life. These include: Normal, Big Button, Burst, Timer, Stabilizer, and Square.
Fotor for Android

Photo Effects

Filters can truly change the mood and feel of your photo. Fotor is packed full of well-designed filters to enhance your images. There are 5 different categories including: Art, Vintage, B/W, Lomo, and Analog.

Add Text

If you want to add text overlays to your photos, Fotor is a great way to do it. You have wide array of font options, different layouts, and colors to do it!

Fotor for Android


Layer awesome stickers over your photos. Categories include: Love, Decoration, Shape, Line, Party, Gift, and HappyTime. You can totally adjust the color, tint and shade, size, and direction of each sticker.


Fotor is also loaded with all of your go-to photo edits including 1-Tap-Enhance, Scenes, Saturation, Sharpen, Vignette, Temp, Tint, Shadows, Highlights, Rotate, and Crop. Also included are advanced editing features such as RGB and Curve.   🙂

If you are looking for a fantastic photo editing app with much more, you should give Fotor for Android a shot. From the moment before you snap your photo until the second you share it with your friends, Fotor has got you covered.


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