Essential Mobile Photography Tips at Music Festivals


One of the best events for photographers is outdoor music festivals! We are now heading into the peak of music festival season. There are loads of opportunities to take wonderful photos of artists, the crowd and the event itself!
But you don’t want to take your heavy DSLR cameras with you? No problem, you can shoot the events just with your smartphones! The following are a couple of tips to help you get some good photos with just your smartphones!
Selfie sticks are a valuable tool for mobile photographers! If you are unable to see what’s happening on the stage because someone else in front of you is taller than you, it is really a disaster! Using a selfie stick can make it possible for you to show the world from your unique point of view.
One of the advantages of smartphone photography to DSLR photography is the flexibility of shooting angles! Do use your smartphones to capture unique angles difficult to reach in cameras. Holding the smartphone low might get special scenes.
Standard festival stages are fairly uninspiring structures. But away from the stages, festivals give you some unique locations and views. Sometimes set in the grounds of spectacular stately homes, often amid beautiful natural scenery, festival sites also have colorful fairground rides, views over rolling countryside or unique constructions.  So be sure to shoot everything of that in your pictures to give context and interest.
Maybe think about choosing an app that has a good set of filters and sticking with it through the festival. Fotor’s mobile app can easily have your needs covered. For example, Fotor’s mono filter pack can turn your works into B&W photos, which is perfect for photos of rock music bands playing on the stage.
After all, we would remind you to be safe at these events, as everyone goes a bit wild. Take good care of your phone, don’t lose it, or the festival can turn a nightmare to you. Anyway, enjoy shooting, and have fun!


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